Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Torch

Personally that`s one of the things I prepare for....not to be a part of an angry mob but to see same gather in front of my door: Bringing lots of rope. 
I just bring the best out in people...

However, I taught myself the high art of making torches quick and cheap..and then to mingle with the angry mob in front of my door.

This will work perfectly because the intelligence of any group is:

IQ of most intelligent person present (pets included) / persons in mob = IQ of mob.

Also we like to make torches for long walks at the North Sea at night (or at winter in a forest),to fight of mummies when I go treasure hunting in pyramids etc etc etc...its a Danish ting...

An angry mob with torches and pitchforks, what`s not to like?

Melt some candles or paraffin granulate. Do it outside since the smell is
not to pleasant.

Here we go.

Take long strips of cotton, soak them in the melted wax
and roll them up on a stick.

This is how its supposed to look like: I used
about 5-6 strips of cloth/cotton, each not longer than 80 cm.

The "head" is pretty heavy, no wonder with 500 ml
of wax.

A tin foil hand guard to protect against dripping wax: GOOD idea!


Pretty impressive no?
Burn time: 2 hours.

Stick the torch in a bucket with water or sand to extinguish, don't worry: The torch will dry very quickly and be ready for use in no time!


  1. I love the mathematics! The larger the mob, the more dumb they get!

  2. Typical how long does each torch burn?

    Thinking of using this to light up our camp site

    1. Hi there, it depends very much on the wax/fuel you use, how much you add and of course the stick. I usually get at least 2 hours out of one "fast made"