Saturday, April 29, 2017

Survival Kit Content: This ain`t a knoife!

I am looking for a small knife as part of my survival kit. It has to be small, comparably cheap and so small and light that I would forget that I am carrying it....until it is needed.
I found this little knife, a "Pocket Shiv", which has a stubby but sharp blade with a rubberized grip.
The blade can also serve as a window breaker and it is, despite its look, NOT a toy.
I am pretty pleased with it, but will try to find/test other knives before I decide to include it in my kit.


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The 1,5 L Flask

What is the survivalists worst nightmare? To be away from his supply and/or network.

This feeling of dread is mostly counteracted by carrying as many "vital" items with you as possible. Many survivalist`s cargo pants are so loaded with tools and equipment that they are nearly immobile.

Anyway, I also like to carry some stuff with me: A high end drinking bottle with a large volume is a must for me. Unfortunately the price to pay is BULK, which makes it even harder to be discreet about
being equipped and to avoid the survivalists second worst night mare:

"So, you are in to this crazy prepper stuff, huh?"

But I found a neat, stainless steel flask with large volume that fits neatly and DISCREET in my laptop bag. 

My usual Nalgene bottle vs. the flask. Space Tech meets old school.

As you can see: My old bottle is very bulky which makes it uncomfortable
and/or unattractive to carry in a slim PC bag.

Fits perfect, the only thing I need to worry about now is...

...that other persons could wonder if I have a drinking problem.



Friday, April 21, 2017

The Spud Clock

My daughter asked for a new alarm clock....something funny and without batteries.

Her wish, my command: I took a cheap digital clock and wired it to two serial connected potatoes.

Found this neat clock online.

Two spuds, 2 copper pins and two galvanized pins are generating the juice.

Right now we are trying to find out how long the clock works with one
spud charge. And is a "Russet Potato" better for the job than a
"Larette Potato"...only time will tell.

Monday, April 17, 2017

The Reef And Flag Knot

These Knots are commonly used to connect two lines: The Reef Knot for lines with the same diameter and the Flag Knot for lines with different diameter or for lines made out of different materials.

The "funny" thing about the Flag/Reef Knot is that the Flag Knot can be made into a Reef Knot and vice versa

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Concrete Draft Stove

I use a Hobo Stove in one form form or another on my hikes. It can be improvised or a product like The IKEA Hobo Stove

My DIY concrete draft stove

But I wanted something larger for grilling or Cooking With The Dutch Oven and decided to try to mould one in concrete. I had to find a form large enough and think a little outside the box. 

Check it out: 

I cut a hole with the same diameter as a wine bottle in the largest plastic bucket
 I could find. My trusty hot knife was the tool for the job!

I wedged a wine bottle in the hole: The stoves ventilation will be where the
bottle is now.

A pretty good fit.

I gave the inside of the bucket and the bottle a thin layer of dish
washer liquid: This will make it much easier to separate the concrete
from the bucket.
Pouring the concrete. 

The bucket for the stoves "combustion chamber".
Weigh it down and let the bucket touch the bottom of the bottle.

TADAAAH! The hobo stove next morning: I cut out the smaller bucket
giving shape to the "combustion chamber" and unceremoniously smashed
the bottle. The finished stove just slid out of the large bucket.

Not bad for my first attempt. I probably should have given the concrete
a bit more time but I am well pleased with the result.

Yup, I`m happy!

I fill the combustion chamber with debris and set fire to it.

And very soon I could add larger pieces of wood.

It is extremely hot in there.

Its my turn to cook anyway... I love Cooking With The Dutch Oven so I use the occasion.
The air intake is leading air to the core of the fire...

...with a near smokeless fire as result...

...and a very low fuel consumption.
Mission accomplished!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Survival Kit Content: The Rolly

I am working on a new Survival Kit that really covers my needs for a 5 day period and funny enough:

"Personal Hygiene" was always on the top of my list of things to pack. 

This is also visible in my last Survival Kit project: The Survival Monkey Fist

A reader from Japan recommended the Rolly Brush which I bought and tested....and I`m so pleased with it that I will pack 5 of them in the next version of a Survival Kit/Ball.

The Rolly Brush is a rubber disc with knobs, you move it around with the tongue against your teeth: 

Voila! Fresh breath and clean teeth!

It might look like an alien egg that will hatch inside of you...

...but at least you`ll have a minty, fresh breath during.

Paper Cooking Gear

I found this article and thought: I WONDER IF THIS WORKS OVER OPEN FIRE!

So I ran out in the garden and gave it a go, as you can see it was VERY windy and I had trouble to find a steady flame to get the water hot enough for my tea.

Here`s the video (this is a lengthy process, if you are inpatient, just FF to minute 9 or 10):