Sunday, April 30, 2017

Roper 14 - Mafiosi Girl 2

M. pretty much took control from then.

I did not mind, not really, because I was busy feeling like I was falling backwards in to a pool of terror.

L. was sitting with his head between his knees with his hands folded over his neck.

"So...ladies. If you are done wailing: I would appreciate a second of your time!"

We both looked at her.

"See, we got to ditch this car see?" She pointed at the BMW "Because that thing got scanned about 10 times from where you got it and here..."


She looked at L and with a sweet, acid dripping, smile she pointed at the large sticker on the beamers front window.

"Yeah, scanned with that thingy here. That's a toll sticker for the Autobahn, they probably know where we 20 km. You guys don't read newspapers, do you?"


"Not a problem sweety! But we need to walk away from here, like now, and we take that bag with us!"

"The guns?"

"Yeah those too!" She opened the bag and pulled something out that looked like a huge pistol with mumps.

With effortless ease the pulled and twisted a lever.. or whatever it is called...with a smooth, well oiled "clack-ca-clack" sound.

"Gee, those boys were traditionalists! Haven`t seen an Obrez since my 14. birthday! My uncles used to shoot ice buckets from each others head wit5h these when they were drunk...poor uncle Abdulmezhid! First his head exploded and then his clothes started to burn! Nowadays our family get-togethers are so dull!"

"Uhm, put that away! You want people to see us?? And what do you mean with US ditching the car! You are not coming!"

She rested the huge gun on her left shoulder and looked at me with one thumb in her jeans belt loop. Little doll face looking as sweet as an anvil.

"Imagine what happens if I shoot this baby and scream, an itty bitty girl like me? How many persons you think are here? 80?100? You`ll be arrested within 20 minutes and I will be getting a spa treatment this very evening on my da`s expense. So, what is it going to be asshole?"

She was a psycho, a total deranged psycho! I could not let her suck us in to her vortex of insanity but had no idea, as per now, how to escape.

L. unfolded his 2 metres and slung the bag with the cash and enough guns to invade a smaller country and begun to trot to the wire fence separating a field from the Rastplatz.

M. smiled sweetly at me.

"Looks like we voted with our feet, huh?

"Just shut up!"

"Whatever it takes to make you happy darling" she said as she elegantly vaulted over the wire fence.

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