Monday, May 1, 2017

The Car Emergency Bag

The content of our Car Emergency Bag is made out of items we were glad having or would have LIKED to have during our (involuntary) 2 days stay on the high plateau of the Lozère, waiting for a mechanic 3 villages further down the road. 
It also serves as an extension to our Bug Out Bags and can unceremoniously be dumped in our bicycle trailer , the content will serve us well either way.
Everything written in RED is a link leading to an article with a closer description of the item in question.

The grab bag in all its might. Usually we have more space in the trunk but
we keep the 6th and 7th seat inside because of the other kids in our car pool.

What`s inside...well first of all: Here Comes Mr. Crowbar!
Any person claiming that you do not need a crowbar is a villain,
a thief and a liar.

The Zombie War Hammer .... mainly because my better half wants
this thing out of the house. And because of the inevitable onslaught
of the undead hordes.

A warm blanket, not only for emergencies but brilliant for romantic nights
under open skies.

No, this is not a pizza box...

...but a pop-up toilet made out of waxed cardboard.
The thing is able to carry up to 200 kg of weight and is a vital
part of my festival-goer-gear. You simply stretch a plastic sack
over the shit box and let go. Proved to be priceless during several
family road trips where public toilets looked like a disaster zone.
Complete with wet toilet paper.

You get what you pay for....

Emergency supply of water: 9 X 0,5 L

6 x BP5 packages of Survival Food
(BP 5 on the left)

TPA bags. TPA stands for "Thermal Protective Aid", these bags are standard
in maritime lifeboats and a part of ANY hiking trip I am going. They are made
out of thick, non conductive and, tough foil with rip stop reinforcement. Used
mainly for the prevention of hypothermia of lifeboat survivors and are brilliant
shelters for emergencies. A grown up person has enough space to get inside and
and take off wet clothing or to breastfeed a child.

Short instruction on how to use a TPA.

I also have a lighter version worn as a jumpsuit.

One of the really cool things about TPA`s:
They work great as improvised Solar Cookers.

A cup full of snow takes about 30 minutes to melt.

So now we all know what snow really consists off: AIR!

Hard candy and SCHO-KA-KOLA - Canned Sleeplessness for energy
and the general munchees.

A nice, large silk hammock: For extra "niceness".

Two large steel cups, also good for cooking/boiling.

A knife, because: "Well du-hu!"

Ten cup soups: 5 with bacon and 5 with beet root flavour.

Hooded Hi-Viz jacket (summer) in XXL size.

Hooded Hi-Viz jacket (winter) in XXL size.

Pair of size 10 Tuf-Hyde gloves.

Mechanics and lady stranglers love these....


Cough drops.

Solar powered 4000 ma/H power bank.

Pocket ovens to:
a) keep warm
b) melt frozen drinking water


AAA batteries for tactical flashlight.

5 Rescue blankets.

Protein/power bars.

Tampons for The Tampon Water Filter bandaging or for their intended use.

5 Sporks.


Toilet seat covers.

Additional first aid kit.

Hand sanitizer.

2000 ma/h Power bank

Tactical flashlight with strobe/SOS function.

With a wicked bright CREE LED.

Charged back up phone (SONIM XP 3300) with pre paid SIM
(And about 32 G worth of music and audio books!)

Riot baton...because I attract people I never wanted to meet.

Ice cleats: For when you have a pregnant wife that MUST NOT FALL!

We have two sizes: Too big and too small.

High end poncho.

Magic towels because COMFORT!

Spare prescription glasses.

A 7 days graveyard candle: For light, heat & romance.

Water purification tablets.

Some cheap but powerful LED torches I picked up recently.

Glow stick.

Shovel for waste and/or fire pits.

Band aid in various sizes.

A Survival Candle

High end dynamo flashlight from Freeplay.

Misc: Hand sanitizer, sewing kit, soap and tic remover

Travel backgammon set: For morale.

The IKEA Hobo Stove making soup, hot drinks, food
in general but also to thaw frozen drinking water in a
plastic or Paper Bag

A Freeplay Hand Crank Generator to charge mobile devices.

Solar power bank (4000 mAh)

Two fold-up back packs, in case we need to leave the car and want to
take some supplies with us.

Neat no?

Two dental and one shaving kit. Wipes for my glasses.

I really like those...

Fire starters.

Towing gear.

Fire extinguishers.

This is the content of a grey bag velcroed to the left side of the trunk:
Tools, LED flashlight, 1,5 L of water and winter gloves. These are the things
we think would be neat to have very fast at hand.

The flashlight with magnetic foot in action.

The usual stuff: Hi-Viz vest, warning triangle and first aid.
In a red bag, velcroed on left side of trunk

Beforementioned grey and red bag.

Everything together weighs 16 kg.

HA! You thought I would forget yes?
Emergency hammer with belt cutter velcroed to dashboard.

Hi-Viz vest and sponge on drivers side.

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