Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Concrete Draft Stove

I use a Hobo Stove in one form form or another on my hikes. It can be improvised or a product like The IKEA Hobo Stove

My DIY concrete draft stove

But I wanted something larger for grilling or Cooking With The Dutch Oven and decided to try to mould one in concrete. I had to find a form large enough and think a little outside the box. 

Check it out: 

I cut a hole with the same diameter as a wine bottle in the largest plastic bucket
 I could find. My trusty hot knife was the tool for the job!

I wedged a wine bottle in the hole: The stoves ventilation will be where the
bottle is now.

A pretty good fit.

I gave the inside of the bucket and the bottle a thin layer of dish
washer liquid: This will make it much easier to separate the concrete
from the bucket.
Pouring the concrete. 

The bucket for the stoves "combustion chamber".
Weigh it down and let the bucket touch the bottom of the bottle.

TADAAAH! The hobo stove next morning: I cut out the smaller bucket
giving shape to the "combustion chamber" and unceremoniously smashed
the bottle. The finished stove just slid out of the large bucket.

Not bad for my first attempt. I probably should have given the concrete
a bit more time but I am well pleased with the result.

Yup, I`m happy!

I fill the combustion chamber with debris and set fire to it.

And very soon I could add larger pieces of wood.

It is extremely hot in there.

Its my turn to cook anyway... I love Cooking With The Dutch Oven so I use the occasion.
The air intake is leading air to the core of the fire...

...with a near smokeless fire as result...

...and a very low fuel consumption.
Mission accomplished!

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