Thursday, May 25, 2017

Food Storage: Rotation

In 9 out of 10 cases a person, who just decided to be prepared for emergencies runs to the supermarket and stocks up on canned good, non perishables and other long life items.

(Don`t worry...I was one of the 9 out of 10. So you are in good company.)

A closer look at the, heavy loaded, shopping cart after checking out would reveal a large number of food that:

a) falls out of a persons normal diet/eating habits

b) is cheap

c) probably some sort of canned ready meal

And when the "best before" date approaches, usually faster than anticipated you/I/he/she sits on a pile of food that is eatable but....seriously? Eating THAT!?

Personally I tried to phase out canned ready meals by serving them to my daughters and wife during hiking/camping trips hoping that ANY meal will taste awesome as long it is served at a camp fire and after a long day outdoors.

Well, it can be that my family does not share my set of associations of happy-camper-life but that experiment did not end well.

I also turned to so called Survival Food because the calorie/volume appealed to me (we did not live in a house when I started preparing) and the fact that I could just toss a box of that stuff in the back of the car or even in a backpack and have food for over a week.

But that stuff also runs out at some point of time, and even though we can all agree on that "best before" just means "BEST before" and not "does self destruct after this date" : At some point of time you need to let that stuff go!

(Speaking of, check out my baking experiments with outdated yeast: Baking With Old Yeast

 And suddenly you sit on a mountain of canned 3rd grade canned "meat" that even sailors or cats won`t touch. (And sailors are not spoiled when it comes to food quality, I can guarantee you THAT!)

What to do?

Well, I personally give the cans away for charity: Our village has a "hobo fence" where we hang food, clothing and basic hygiene articles for persons in need to take. Funny thing about "Survival Food": It is incredible hard to convince a person that highly concentrated space-age food is actually you might as well keep it as snacks for hiking trips....

So, the answer to above problems is ROTATION.

Buy the amount of food you want to accumulate by simply doubling/tripling the amount of food you would buy for..lets say a week...and use and replace it as you go. So, this means you buy stuff you ACTUALLY WOULD LIKE TO EAT! ( A lot of charlatan "prepper stores" make a handsome buck by selling cat/dog food to the same idiots that buy Russian, surplus gasmasks!)

Do not buy a van full of food at once since you then wold have to replace/rotate same van full within very short time... 

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