Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Roper 16 - Meet The Mandrake

It was night when we arrived at the summerhouse owned by the family of L. Ex-Sucubus.

"So, you are sure this is it then?"

L. carefully laid "our" stolen bikes under a short wooden bridge that led over a ditch to the summerhouses driveway.

We found those about 10 km from the Beach, ditched the Copenhagen bikes and went on on our 30 hours bike ride.

Being raped by a mule could not feel worse.

He nodded.

"Yeah, I know where the spare key is, but we have to walk around to the back. The drive way is made out off gravel, makes a lot of noise when walked on."

I guess that made sense, and so we tried to sneak...which I think is near impossible when you are fatigued and your legs are full of acid...to the back of the house where L. opened a metal lid in the ground.

"What`s this?"

"That`s the valve for the water supply, they hide the second key here!"

I turned to face the house while he climbed the 2 m under ground to find that key.

Not bad for a summer house, the whole East and South sides basically were floor-to-ceiling windows.

A nice large terrace with a gas grill under a tarp, I think I could see a pool further out in the garden.

Capitalist pigs!

"Have it!" L.`s hollow voice came from below and he emerged.

YES! I would literally KILL for a bed now.

He rubbed his hands on his very dirty pants, living on the country roads, stealing apples and sleep under the stars does that to your wardrobe.

"You sure they are not here?"

"Well, its all dark...."

"But that does not mean shit at 0200, does it?"

"No, but they did not like to rent it out...so lets hope. The only way to find out is to go in."

I agreed, and was ready to leg it by the first sign of summer guests in that luxury summerhouse.

He fumbled with the key.

"That`s strange, the knob won`t turn!"

"Hm, hey L.?"


"Well...was the water turned on or off?"

Strained grunts as he finally forced the doorknob to move.

"What? Shit, now the door is binding" He pulled back his left arm and let his flat arm ram into a spot right over the keyhole, with the same speed and force as a glacier.

"The valve for the water, was it on or off? If it was on there might be people inside.."

I stopped in my tracks as the door jumped open and a muffled scream was audible from the other side.

He starred at me.


Time went by, suns were born and burned up, empires rose and fell.....

"Now you say it, there might have been an undue amount of moisture down there..you know...dripping from the open valve."

"Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!"

I fished my key ring with the tiny flashlight in it out and directed the beam behind the door.

A girl in t-shirt and boxers was lying there, a deep red bump growing on her forehead.

A larger kitchen knife lying less than 30 cm from where she fell.

"Oh for fucks sake!"

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