Saturday, May 6, 2017

Roper 17 - Meet The Mandrake II

L. knelt down and effortlessly lifted the girl up and walked inside.

"There is a key locker behind the door, get the one for the shed and get me a sun bed and the flagpole rope."

I just stood and watched him disappear in the darkness, the dots slowly connected in my fatigued brain and a fuzzy picture, which I did not like, appeared in my brain.



"You are not going to do something sick and depraved to that girl, are you?"

"Nah, I just want to tie her to the sun chair...hurry!"

I guess breaking in to a summer house and tying the hapless inhabitants up is not much worse than anything else I have done the last few days. If I have to disappear in to prison for the rest of my life I might as well add some to the tab.

There were a lot of neatly stacked, expensive looking sun beds in the shed. I took one and was surprised that it was so light. A large coil with flag rope was standing behind some croquette mallets (CROQUET! That is all you need to know about the family L. almost married in to! Posh bastards!) and I cut off about 20 m with a garden scissor.

Everything was bathed in a pink half light as I went out of the shed and back towards the house, I could see the inside of the large living room through the floor to ceiling windows and L. kneeling in standing in front of a sofa group, looking down at a lying shape.

Back inside, I put the sun bed close to where he stood and he immediately lifted her from the sofa to the sun bad. The 20 m of flag rope rapidly disappeared in a intricate arrangements of complicated looking knots.

"Go get a blanket." He said as his fingers did the topological ballet of a master knot tier.

I went to the main sleeping room and found the girls belongings in there, also a blanket on the large bed.

The living room was bathed in orange/purple light when I returned. And the view over the Baltic from the giant windows was breath taking.

But it was not the view that stopped me dead in the tracks.



"She is awake."

At this point he was busy tying her feed to the sun chair with knots looking lose and impossible to get out of at the same time.

He looked up and met eyes, looking at him like an Eagle probably looked at small, furry animals on the ground before pouncing on them.

"Ehm, good morning?"

No fear, no hysteria, no "oh-my-god-what-are-you-doing", no "don`t-hurt-me`s" just this stare.

"Hello, I want you to leave now."

"Sorry, that`s a no go" L. carefully took her last foot and tied her down. I was not sure if that was enough, I would not feel safe before she was in a cage.....and we had a tranq gun...and a chair.

God, I was tired of other people being in control all the time.

"Uhm, how long have you been here? Do you expect someone? This morning?"

She relaxed and leaned back, granting me a smile that made her look like a cat that got the cream.

Shit, I mean...seriously?

L. stood up and walked over to the large dinner table, with HP lamps hanging over it, there was a laptop which came alive after he pressed a key.

Then he walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge.

"I don`t think she is expecting anyone today."

"How`s that?"

"She has been here some days already and she is working on a thesis of some sort...looks like she buried her self here to finish it."

I looked down at the girl who starred at L. with a weird, intense concentrated look.

Oh well, I turned her sun chair towards the view and put the blanket over her. Let L. deal with her.

I found a room with a bunk bed and collapsed on the bottom one.


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