Monday, May 15, 2017

Roper 19 - Mafiosi Girl III


- bag full of assorted guns, knives and cash

- sociopath girl, insisting on tagging along

- world wide arrest warrant with our pretty faces on it

-  estimated life expectancy measured in hours

Not have`s:

- some god damned rubber boots

We were resting in a group of trees at the end of the field we had to cross to get away from the truck stop and onto the back roads and hiking routes.

There was a small, clean looking pond between the trees in which L. , without much success tried to wash away the centimeter thick crust of cow shit from his boots.

"Come on ladies, do not get to comfortable! We have a lot of road to cover!"

I ignored her, and her clean DocMarten,s and sat down to copy L.`s boot-cleaning-strategy.

She stood inpatient, with her leather jacket around her waist and the barely concealed ... (what was it she called it....   "Obrez" ) gun held to her waist by the sleeves.

"Don`t you think that elephant killer will get some attention once we are out of here?" L. asked as he slammed his boots together, pieces of wet dung flying everywhere.

She smiled and touched the handle of the gun that was as long as my underarm .

"This little thing? Nah, its practically part of my genetic, slavic ancestry...and people probably think that its just a toy."

She made big eyes and perched her lips.

"An itty bitty girl like me with such a BIG and LONG gun? What do I need a gun for when I am protected by so big and strong alpha males as you? Impossible!"

The weird SAT phone looking device, she found in her own little backpack on the back seat of the BMW, vibrated and she starred irritated at the large screen.

Our phones were just mere alarm clocks as we threw away the SIM`s in Denmark...long, long time ago... and the mobsters phones we threw into the canalisation.

"I thought we agreed on throwing all phones out?" 

She flashed this little cruel smile at me.

"Yes we did, but I am a princess and need to talk to my friend."

"Which friend, someone that can help us?"

"Help ME, yes....which means that you will be helped too. As long as you do as I say."

She pulled the Obrez and cocked it.

"Up my pretties, we have a lot of road to cover before we can rest! But I promise there will be a bed and a hot bath at the end of it!"

L. grumbled as he got up. It sounded like one, long profantity. M. pointed the gun at him.

"Uh uh, big one....I burn a hole in your chest before you made a step. My friend told me about your exploits in the northern countries. Bad boy! BAD!"

She grinned, and the devils humorous insanity beamed through it.

"It will be worth it...I promise! There is a house less than 8 km from here, a nice discrete located piece of real estate in the forest with all the comfort one would expect from a 3 million Euro house. We`ll go there and wait until they give up searching for us here!"

"Ehr, the owners don`t mind we crash in their house?"

She starred at L.

"Bit late to worry about that now, is it not? With your history and all? And no, they won`t mind: They are on vacation and I have all the safe words and codes for the security system...and the watch men are notified of our arrival. So, do not worry but WALK!"

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