Monday, May 8, 2017

Roper 18 - Meet The Mandrake III

I woke up with a start and banged my head on the bed over me.


The window, a little to the right over my head, let in some summer sun filtered by the beech trees standing around the house.

I checked my watch to find out that I have been out for 8 hours, but I still felt more dead than alive.

I dressed and went to the living room where I found the sun bed in the same place as earlier.

Oh well, yeah....that is a problem we have to cope with later.

I squinted at the radio standing on the table beside the sun bed playing some oldie pop.

Was she still out?

A head emerged from the sun bed, smiled.

"Good morning, coffee is in the machine!"



I got myself a big mug of black mother`s milk and stood there with both hands around it...just taking in the smell and feeling of the warm mug.

Oh baby,

It slowly occurred to me that a person tied to a sun bed on wrists and ankles should not be able to move like that.

I starred at the backside of the sun bed, from where I stood her resting relaxed on the other knee.

Where was L.?

She looked at me smiling when I returned to her.

"Slept ok?"

"Uhm....." Yup, definitely not tied anymore.

L. was in the garden performing his ritual by mercilessly roping down some trashcans with his lasso.

It looked glorious with the Baltic sea in the background, sun glittering in the waves....

What was that on his face?

"He untied me earlier this morning so I could go to the toilet, I got him in the him GOOD, I actually nearly made it to the street when...."

She showed me her left, stocking clad,  ankle that had a circular bruise all around it.

"....he GOT me! He can move fast for his size, can`t he?"

I sat down heavily on the table, taking a closer look at her. She definitely did not have black lip stick earlier, or fish net stockings, or some weird Victorian looking corset. Must be me hallucinating, the fatigue can play tricks with your mind.


"Don`t worry...he microwaved my telephone and took the router. No way I could call for anyone. Next house is like 2 km away."

She returned her attention to L.`s escapades.

"Whoah, how does he do that? Is he a cowboy or something?"

"Her, no..sailor actually.And former prison warden, long story"

"You don`t say." She said, biting her lower lip as L. caught a garden chair from a 6 m distance.

"Sooo, are you?" I starred at the goose egg on her forehead that has blackened while I slept.

"Oh, I am just fine: I got attacked and knocked out by two home invaders. I probably have a concussion, which is SUPER bad for me, got tied down and held hostage...just to find out that "my"  two home invaders are the ones the whole country is looking for. You are ultra violent and should not be approached they said in the news. So I am just SUPER I tells ya!"

I swear: The side of my face pointing towards her started to burn a little

As she removed a strand of black hair from her face, the object around her wrist became visible and my mouth went dry.

She noticed that I noticed and covered her SmartWatch with a wry smile.

"I know, he kind of overlooked it. I have no idea why I did not press the alarm button myself. Lets see where this is taking us ok?"


I brought her a coffee and we sat in silence as we watched sailing boats crossing The Great Belt.

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