Sunday, May 7, 2017

Survival Kit Content: Kittens Got Claws

I found another knife for the "possible candidate list" for my new Monkey Fist Survival Set
A cheap (!) as dirt little stainless steel knife I found on Ebay for less than 2 $...inclusive shipping that is.
Don`t ask me how they can earn on that!
One would expect a blade with cardboard grade steel, but I was pleasantly surprised about the sharpness/toughness of the blade in general.
True, it is VERY small and the blades thickness does not make this one a precision cutter.
But I think it will cover 99% of my immediate "cutting needs" in the first hours of an emergency.
Conclusion: A knife you use until you find a "real" knife, but definitely worth having.
Small, light and curved. The ring-design allows
a safe handling of the very short knife.
The claw is sharp enough, but the design is tough on
the fingers in the long run.

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