Friday, May 5, 2017

The Clove Hitch / Improvised Handcuffs

The Clove Hitch is a great knot for attaching lines to an long as that line is not under a lot of tension, because the Clove Hitch is not a very strong knot like his cousin the The Constrictor Knot
But the clove hitch does has its advantages: It is fast and easy to make...and with it you can make a nifty set of handcuffs within seconds: Just in case your partner recently read "Fifty Shades" and suddenly feels adventurous.
(For more potential fun`n`games with knots: Check out the The Highway Man Hitch )
But back to the serious stuff ("Yes, Master!"):
The Clove Hitch can be "laid in hand" and made around an item. The laid in hand method is popular among Scouts and a bit frowned upon sailors, but essential if you want to make the hand cuff trick.
In the beginning there was rope...
Fold the left side of the rope inward CLOCKWISE  to create a loop.

Do the same with the right end, but COUNTERCLOCKWISE.

Put the right loop over the left one.

And we have a Clove Hitch!
Now to what really interests you: The Handcuffs.
Start out exactly like with the Clove Hitch.
But instead of putting the right loop over the left, as with the Clove Hitch,
pull the left loop through the right loop.
And vice versa!
Pull at both loops.
Voila! Handcuffs! You tighten the loops by pulling the ends!
This is easy: Cross over from left to right (or right to left).
Cross over from right to left.

Should look like this.
Lead the end of the rope under the last cross over....
...and pull tight!
Voila: Clove Hitch

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