Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Grapple Hook

A grapple is great for pulling items towards you when it is to dangerous to get close up.

I am porbably one of the few persons on this planet who used a grapple hook in anger. And that was job related:

It was an unconscious person lying in a tangle of fishing net, we could not approach the person with our FRC`s (fast rescue craft) directly because parts of the net would get into our propellers / water jet intakes.

So no, I don`t have adolescent Ninja / Tactical Operator fantasies of scaling a 8 m vertical wall with a foldable "Tactical Climbing Hook" from Ebay.

I just want to be able to manipulate out-of-reach objects like:

- window latches or door handles

- getting a good hold on branches with fruit

- gear falling into water during a canoe trip or fetching other out-of-reach stuff

- a grapple hook makes a GREAT weapon when slung with help of the attached rope

So, many advantages but all outweighed by the extremely bad weight/size/usefulness ratio.

But then I found a neat little titanium grapple hook that pretty much answered my prayers (for a complete bat belt cough cough)

The workmanship on this little thing is awesome: The threads on container and the spikes are cut with high precision. When the spikes are attached the container can be filled with sand/water to add more weight to the throw.

Here is the little miracle. A watertight titanium container with three threaded spikes.  
Stubby little thing..


One of my early attempts at welding...meh...
But still does the job like....

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