Monday, May 22, 2017

Vertical Farming: The Barrel Garden, part 1

Last year I experimented with vertical farming for the first time when I grew Tomatoes Upside Down ,hanging from a rafter, with pretty good results. This year I am a bit more ambitious and will try to grow (hopefully) a lot of tomatoes on/of the sides of a large barrel.

I will burn/cut a number of holes below the middle of the barrel, fill it with compost and plant tomato seedlings in the holes. The tomatoes will grow upwards from the holes and leave plenty space to guessed it: Tomatoes.

I will make a "column" of pebbles in the middle of the barrel to distribute water evenly, this will prevent rot in the lower layers as well.

In the beginning there was a barrel

And Lars took his hot knife with circular adapter and thought:

"Let`s burn a bunch of holes in to that barrel!"

And so he did!

Nice, circular holes..with rounded edges!

And Lars thought: "Not bad!"

"Not bad AT ALL!"

Then Lars took the rich, fat compost from his composter..

...and created a 15-20 cm layer of compost at the bottom.

Then he took a paper cone and filled it with stones.

Put compost around it...

...and pulled the cone out... a pillar of stones was left in the center of of the barrel.

The stones in the center will distribute water evenly in the barrel.

Lars was so pleased with this, that he did it again...

...and again....

...until he almost ran out of compost!

But, it turned out that he had more than enough compost and stones!

Then Lars planted strong tomato seedlings in the holes...and the waiting game started!

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