Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Wind (1992)

One of the reasons I like "Wind" (1992) so much is the story itself: A group of persons willing to  invest extreme amounts of themselves, in order to achieve a common goal with different motivations. 

The film follows the raise and fall of a young, hopeful America`s Cup skipper (played by Matthew Bodine ) losing the prestigious cup to an Aussie team...of all people.

Now a pariah in this closed and exclusive world, he goes looking for support at his former girlfriend.

The same girlfriend (Played by a cute-as-hell Jennifer Grey ..graauww) lives and works in the Mojave Desert where she develops aircraft wings and fuselages, in a hangar together with other geeky science types.

And there, far away from the ocean, they manage to develop a revolutionary type of hull and sail based on the design of a bug wing.

The story and the acting is great....the pictures and soundtrack even better.

For me a perfect summer movie!


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