Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Survival Kit Content: The Snack Ball

I decided to make another Monkey Fist Survival Set and was looking for a new, round container. It has to be a lot more robust than the balls I used so far and preferably made out of food grade plastic.

I discovered the snack ball from BOON: A snack container that doubles as toy. So that means that it is:

a) robust
b) made out of food grade plastic.


I immediately ordered one and went straight to testing it: AWESOME STUFF! :-)

The snack ball, unbreakable and watertight. 

Perfect for short term food/water storage.

It can be opened by a lid on top or taken apart at the balls equator.

It will look a bit like this after I filled it with survival goodies
and wrapped it in to a Monkey Fist knot.

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