Friday, August 4, 2017

The Survival Monkey Fist - Deluxe Version

I made quite a few of Survival Monkey Fist`s over the last few years. They are basically watertight balls filled with equipment and wrapped in a "Monkey Fist"  knot.

This makes it a very attractive much that I never get to keep the sets I make but "have" to give them away to friends and family, this one is for MYSELF!

"But the Monkey Fist makes it hard to get to the set!" you`d say.

Nope, you can have it out of the knots within 2 minutes, getting back inside again is another story....this also prevents the owner of the set to take pieces out of the set unless it is absolutely necessary

My new favorite container: The Boon Ball

I put 4 tampons for: water filtration and to make a fire inside.
I also add a mini BIC lighter wrapped in 5 m of duct tape

4 paracetamol, good until 2020.

4 Loperamide, to avoid dehydration due to sickness.

I also add a mini fire steel and a Stanley blade.

The blade doubles as knife and scraper for the fire rod.
A strong magnet and a razor as improvised compass

Glow sticks because I can....
3 Rolly Toothbrushes
2 size 4 Fishing Hooks with 5 m line.

2 X 5 LFreezer Bags for SODIS

Now a LEGO frame for the monkey fist
The frame is not necessary, just makes it easier (!!).
You think: "Not bad!" and you are right! :-)


  1. harryburkhart2013@gmail.comApril 2, 2018 at 4:22 PM

    I'm in the U.S. where can I find those glowsticks? Nice kit, Mate!

    1. in every shop selling fishing supplies :-) thanks, appreciate the praise :-)

  2. What are the machines behind you
    Just curious