Saturday, September 23, 2017

Also Caucasian Mafia Brats Dream Of Electric Buddies

This had to be the weirdest break in in history...

A discreet car, with a Security Companies logo barely visible on the windshield, drove up to us as we walked up the long driveway of a giant cube looking like it existed of nothing else than glass and golden light.

A muscular non nonsense looking guy in expensive looking looking sailing clothes stepped out and eyed M.

"June creates...."

She smiled and said ".....widespread morning fog"

The guy smiled "Thank you for verification, the staff has left the house as advised. The spa and recreational area has bee lrepared and dinner for three is ready."

He stepped in his car drove off in eerie silence.

Must have been one of them hybrids.

L. train of thought were on a more mundane level.

"Did he say SAUNA?"

M. who was at least as tired looking as I felt radiated a 500W smile in his direction. 

"YES! And tonight my Scandinavian gods we shall feast like kings!"

That slavic bullshit got old real fast.

I took one gun filled bag and shouldered it

"Based on who`s standards? Russian?"

We stopped at the houses front door, just a giant glas panel really, and waited for...what?

I looked at M. Who stood and starred at the little speaker grill with the small camera lens above it at the doors left side.

"Ehrm, you wanna open?"

She glanced at him briefly

L. glanced at me and rolled his eyes.

HEY! That's not nice!" A female voice boomed out of the speaker grill.

M. relaxed visbly "Don't mind them, they're just being dicks"

She turned to L., thumb pointing towards the huge glass door.

L. did not notice her but kept starring at the grill, dead pale.

"I can see your reflection in the door you know...."

"Well, you always liked dicks..soo...."

"Shut up and open the fucking door!"




"Say you are sorry and I open"

"Fuck yourself !"

"I can't. hands!"




The door  buzzed open and with an increasing sense of losing a grip on reality I entered the foyer, which had the size of my appartement, with L. In tow.

The girlish voice boomed out of the speakers of a BO sound system in the adjacent living room.

"Hey guys, long time no see!  You enjoyed the pocket money I left you on the street? easy!"

A nightmare version of a anime girl giggle boomed out of every speaker in the house.

M. dropped her all her stuff, bar the sawed of Obrez rifle, and smiled.

"So you met her before?"

"Kind of".....

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