Sunday, October 1, 2017

"Black Tie, White Noise" by David Bowie (1993)

This is the second CD in my life and pretty much the soundtrack of my personal 1993.... and it  is more or less a tribute to his (Bowies) wife Imam, which he married shortly before the release of the record.

I know that the term "soundtrack of my life" is pretty much overused these days, but I swear: I drove everyone crazy by constantly playing this CD!

Slowly shedding the thin residual of grunge I was covered with between 91-92, I slowly went back to listen to music I liked instead of music I thought I ought to listen to.

At this time the only Bowie songs I really liked was "Lets Dance" and "China Girl", those two tracks ran on MTV Europe in an endless loop together with other great music (Yes, kids MTV actually played MUSIC once!).

1993 was my personal "lost year" between dropping out of high school (and hitchhiking through Europe and Morocco) and joining the Navy...which later led me to the Merchant Marine Navy. Even though I swore never to step in to my fathers footsteps.

Anyhow, "Black Tie, White Noise" fitted perfectly in to that phase of my life. Especially the songs:

 "Jump They Say" ( a tribute to Bowie`s stepbrother, who had mental health issues and committed suicide)

"Miracle Goodnight" with the very fitting refrain: "I wish I was a sailor, thousand miles from here. I wish I had a future...anywhere!" . And lo and behold! I became a for my future: In a tender age of 43 I still do not know what I want to be when I grow up!

"Nite flights" which I forever will associate with my travels through Europe, hitchhiking together with the nocturnal highway people.

I recently played this CD for the first time in...many (!) years and had to switch it off as I was overwhelmed by the tsunami of sticky sweet molasses that came out of my speakers.

Well, another time maybe!

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