Tuesday, September 19, 2017

"Graceland" by Paul Simon (1986)

"Graceland" is my very first CD, given to me by my first girlfriend on my birthday.

She used to mock me that there is no point in giving it to me, because I did not have a CD player at this time (1992).

Well, CD players come and go but the CD (which I ended up carrying around the world....several times) stayed the same.

I am not a big Paul Simon fan in general but this CD I liked! The song "You can call me Al" in particular. It speaks about mid-life crisis, losing your course and looking for something to build your life on. 

You would never guess that due to the cheery melody and hilarious music video with Chevy Chase. But that is exactly the point:

"Graceland" is inspired by upbeat South African township music (in which the most horrible are dealt with...with cheery, happy music as krass contrast) and serves as great background/medium for Simons rather sad lyrics.

The music induces "wanderlust" in me. I want to put on my boots, dust of my trusty knapsack , stretch my thumb out and get OUT there when listening to it....and did so several times.

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