Wednesday, October 4, 2017

"Achtung Baby" by U2 (1991)

Before you go on: I really, REALLY like this record.

 It did what was intended and hit the Zeitgeist of the early nineties dead on: Everyone felt that "The End Of History" (Francis Fukuyama) was upon us and George Bush Sr. held speeches about the "New World Order"

Anyhow, for personal reasons I was not able to listen to "Achtung Baby" for 3-4 years after purchase without suffering from heart burn, mainly because other people ruined it for me.

Namely the segment of society believing that Bono was some kind of Messiah and that U2`s songs had some kind of deeper meaning only open to them.

Same obnoxious type as Dan Brown readers really....

(Can also be that I am a pretentious dick, you never know)

 Anyway, Bono is still just a mere human being and the history did not end with the fall of the Soviet Union.

Back to the record, yes....a great record! The last really good one U2 ever made. What made me like it, and turned most U2 fans off, was the influence of electronic dance music especially The Edge had a weak spot for.

Or to express it in the bands words: "Achtung Baby" sounded like 4 Irish guys chopping down the Joshua Tree ( A reference to "Joshua Tree" : another great U2 album) .
Wim Wenders used some of the songs from "Achtung Baby" in his master piece Until The End Of The World and the music was a perfect match for the film.

Favorite songs from that record: 

"The Fly"
"Even Better Than the Real Thing"
Zoo Station"
"Mysterious Ways"
"Whos Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses"
"Until The End Of The World"  


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