Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Survival Bandana Content - Body Signals

 I don`t want to cause a panic: But there might be a time when your telephone aka "highly-advanced-pocket-computer-with-which-you-can-access-all-accumulated-knowledge-in-human-history-but-use-to-watch-cat-videos-and-bicker-about-who`s-misinformaton-is-the-BEST-misinformation" might not work as intended.

In fact: There might be a time where your iPhones greatest qualities might be the highly polished backside, so it can be used as shaving/signal mirror. Yes, I am talking about the total failure of all communication networks!

So you should know at least the most basic forms of communication: From one-way communication to morse. (Stick with me and I`ll show you a method with which you can learn the entire morse alphabet + 10 to 20 handy letter codes from the "International Signal Handbook" 

(In my time in the Navy I served as Signal Gast for the "special dudes" so I had to learn the signal handbook by heart....and yes, those "special dudes" also wore helmets. But I am afraid that THEIR crayons were very, very sharp and could only paint in red. Scary characters, fun times.)

Let`s start with the most basic of signals: Body signals with which you can establish a one-way communication with airplanes. I will also show you how airplanes might respond to these signals...LATER!

Oh, and try practice these signals in rapid succession while listening to any hard pumping music of your choosing....FEEL THE BURN!

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