Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Kelly Kettle Hack No. 3 - Vinegar & Baking Soda

I love my Kelly Kettle and try to raise the bar for what is possible with it, by inventing/improvising new recipes. Check out my bread made on a Kelly Kettle: Kelly Kettle Hack No. 2 - Baking Bread

So yeah, cooking with it is fun...and if I find a way to cook our Christmas dinner on it...I`ll probably do it!

What`s not so fun is the CLEANING afterwards. I know there are purists who claim that the layer of soot on the inner side of a Kelly makes it "real"...or that the patina makes it bulletproof. But I like my gear to be clean & ready to use at any time so cleaning is a MUST.

I pretty much tried everything from normal dishwashing soap to fireplace cleaners: All worked, but only after you invested a lot of elbow grease (did I mention my superpower? Lazyness?) and a large amount of "hard" chemicals used.

Then my better half told me to use baking soda and vinegar. And man...that stuff WORKS!


Tea time at the frozen Paprocany Lake.Beautiful scenery.

But the scenery comes at a price: You are looking at it....

I close the kettles openings with a rubber band and foil.

Turn it upside down and add vinegar.

Add baking soda....

...and watch the volcano errupt.

That`s the stuff! Now let it "work" for a while.

It took me only one (!) swipe with a sponge to get a clean spot like this.


  1. Interesting because my lettuce is a mess & I hate it!

    I've only just found your blog but I like what I've seen so far & with time will use some, ou not all of it. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, feel free to come with any critique you may have:-)