Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Kelly Kettle Hack No.2 - Baking

Is there something better than warm, fresh bread in the morning? I like to bake bread on a stick over a campfire or in a metal container in the embers of a fire like I did in my post The Survival Bread

But always missed a nice,hot bun on hiking trips together with a cup of hot coffee made with my Kelly Kettle and....hey....the Kelly Kettle generates a very hot flow of hot air from the bottom of the top!

 If I would keep the flames/heat down a little bit, so I would not burn the dough,  one should be able to bake in a heat conducting container on top.


So I did it! I baked a loaf of fresh bread in the morning and my wife was duly impressed :-)

Oh baby...

My pre-prepared dough in a pot resting on a Kelly Kettle pot support.

The dough is not in direct contact with the pot but is packed in a layer of baking paper.

It works!

At this point my wife stuck her head out of the tent: Buns??
I am careful not to add to much fuel to the Kelly Kettle in order to keep the bread from burning.
It will take a LONG time for the water in the kettle to boil...but it is worth the waiting time!

Not to burned on the bottom, the baking paper comes of easily.

Ta-daaaaaa! :-)

To the baking paper: I cut a circle for the bottom and a longer stripe for the sides.

Just add dough :-)

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