Sunday, February 11, 2018

Fun Loving Criminals - "Come Find Yourself" 1996

"She gave me the loot with puckered up lips 
And a wink that I found cute, and I said, 
'Baby, baby, baby' 
(Is this some Kharmic-Chi love thing happening here baby or what)"

"Scooby Snacks" - FLC

My undying love and fandom towards FLC originated from my days as broke ass student at the Merchant Marine Officers College in Marstal/Denmark.

All my "money" went to books, tuition, recreational oregano and tickets to Copenhagen in the weekends (To escape my exile in the extreme outskirts of Denmark where my college was situated)

I lived frugal as a (stoned) monk these days and my "entertainment system" was a 10 cm black and white TV and my radio that could only take German rock FM stations (yes, my college really was on the outskirts of Denmark, so much that Danish radio was hard to get by).

Anyhow, it was the radio that brought the FLC to me and it never left me since: In 1998 their song "Scooby Snacks" was played on constant repeat...but that did not matter AT ALL.

If you listen to "Scooby Snacks" and you don`t like it after one listen: I strongly suggest you get an organ donor card and hang yourself!

That song pretty much was the soundtrack of my "ruffian days" where I was a weedy kamikaze, one of the last two gun slingers, sailor boy supreme and smooth as fuck. ( I am a middle aged responsible person...ARGHHHH)

FLC covers hip-hop, R`n`B, punk, soul, country, blues and jazz.....normally this amount of mixes would break the musical camels back, but FLC got /get away with it due to the humor and self distance they manage to radiate.

FLC songs are about crime, violence and mob life. Any of their songs can probably replace the soundtrack of any mobster film you can come up with, but they manage to soften it up with lots and lots of humor.

An unexpected tax return in 1999 did that I actually had money left to buy the record. I am actually listening to it as I write this...and it`s still pure gold.

All songs on "Come Find Yourself" are great, but there are of course favorites:

"Scooby Snacks"

"Passive Agressive"

"Smoke `em"

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