Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Roper 29 - Hard Currency

My knees got a bit wobbly as she radiated her best "I am taking the piss on you, but in the cutest way possible!" and patted the thing behind her.

"This is it gentlemen, your part of the cake. Mine are standing over there!" She nodded over to the end of the dusty "street" connecting the shanty huts.

"Ehrm....." L. said as he stared at was constituted 2 million pre-crash Euro. His name was painted on it with the Government Of The Republic Of Yap`s seal. It kind of looked like a pacific version of a handmade potato stamp. 

The Mandrake`s cash was a bit smaller but she still had to look up to to see it all.

"Not exactly what you call run-away-and-fuck-you-money huh?"

I was glad that she was baffles and possible jet lagged, and conveniently forgot to pull her P 08 and put some decorative holes in M.

M. looked extremely pleased about herself.

"It`s the only thing that is worth anything as per now, the Rock Standard they call it. After the bitch went into interstellar space and left her version of the philosphers stone behind the markets crashed."

She smiled at L.

"My dad is building a turnip empire as we speak, they used the gold bars as marker stones to mark his claim on the community field back in Groszny. That was my inheritance. Thanks again doofus!"

L. looked down and shuffled his feet.

"Are they worth what you say they are?"

"Sure, you can get a certificate of authenticity. But I`m afraid the local boys are not big on paperwork. Come on, lets see our bankers!"

She started to stroll down hill towards the small cluster of huts marking the harbor. A lot of yachts and luxury cruisers were for anchor in the bay.

"What about our cash? We just..I mean."

M. turned and pointed at the lichen growing at the lower half of my 2 T stone coin.

"Its been here for like 150 years, nobody will touch it" a gang of screaming, half naked kids ran towards our money and started to climb them, M smiled sourly "well expect of those guys of course. Come on, generation of kids played with what`s your cash now. Don`t be a dick and take it away from them."

We arrived in the hastily growing shanty town of banks. Every bank in the world hastily build their chapter here, riding the Stone Coin craze and driving the price up.

Desperate looking crowds tried to trade gold, diamonds, art or sexual favors to get a foot inside and park their pre-crash assets in the Yap Coin safe haven.

"If this continues we will be billionaires by the end of the week!" M. said and hooked herself onto my arm.

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