Thursday, March 15, 2018

Fun Loving Criminals - "100% Columbian" (1998)

This CD is so smooth, you can probably use it as bread spread:

After their initial success with "Come Find Yourself" , which was a bit more punk and hip hop influenced, "100% Columbian" sounds like Barry White stood behind the band with a knobby stick during the recordings.

The records theme is overly melancholic, as if some elder mobster tells tales of old over a glass of 50 year old Chivas

In fact: This record is so schmoove that it, in connection with my cooking and rugged good looks, made girls panties drop so hard that they nicked the hardwood floor.

Favorite songs ? All of them...but in particular:

"Love Unlimited"

"Big Night Out"


and the soul destroying: "We are all very worried about you"

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