Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Lansky Firefighters Battle Axe

Working with Search And Rescue provides me the excuse to splurge on equipment I so desperately "need" (!!!) . In this case the Lanksy Firefighters Battle Axe.

It was love at first sight and am sure it will last forever....or to the next think I fall in love with!

L= ca 39 cm

Weight: Ca 800 g

Material: 1075 Tool Steel

Price: Love can not be measured in money....

The Lansky Firefighters Battle Axe

The Battle Axe comes with a heavy duty pry bar and impact tool.

The blade is heavy duty and really sharp.

A"fuzzy" non conducting (insulated up to 10 K Volt) handle gives extra grip and safety, even with oil slick gloves.

No, that cross is not for decoration but serves as a gas valve wrench.

Nice, heavy sheath...

Aaaand the belt loop points toward the right direction...

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