Thursday, May 17, 2018

Flashlights & Torches: The Livarno Lux Torch

Livarno Lux is the house brand of German Supermarket Chain LIDL and is normally producing cheaper key ring torches, solar garden lights and similar. So it came as a surprise to me that LIDL advertised this torch only 12 Euro, which is pretty cheap for a 10 W  CREE LED torch with about 600 Lumens.

I ran to my bicycle and rode off to get me one! 

Unfortunately a lot of others had the same brilliant idea and I had to beg the employees in the local LIDL to look for the last one in the storage.

And guess what: I got one!

So far I am very happy about my purchase, the appears to be well made and sturdy plus it is crazy bright.

The torch has 3 functions: 

- Turbo

- Energy saving mode

- Strobe

The light beam can be focused to a fairly high degree and goes up to 150 m (my own guesstimate!) 

NOT so happy about that the batteries rattle a little bit in the torch, I found that 3-4 layers of scotch tape around the middle of each battery cured that :-)

The torch itself is surprisingly well made and sturdy/heavy.


^The 10 W CREE LED. It gets fairly hot after longer use.

The torch runs on C cell batteries instead of 18650 batteries. HUGE plus in my eyes!

The torch used in anger on a medium focus setting.

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