Sunday, May 13, 2018

Project Mjølner - Part deux

After I was done with Project Mjølner it actually just served as paperweight, door blocker and conversation piece (just to confirm to my wife`s friends that I indeed am crazy).

But as they say in German: ""Ist der Ruf erst ruiniert, lebt es sich recht ungeniert." (Translation: "Once one's reputation is ruined, one can live unconcerned")

So I decided to take the next step and put the large internal volume of the hammer to good and stuff it with survival goodness.

First I tie a Fencer Knot around the handle to give Mjølner a better grip.

Mjølners back side.

Lots of teflon tape to seal the threads

Can`t have enough teflon tape...or cable tiers...or duct tape!

Lots of wasted space in Mjølners head

The same goes for the handle.

I decided the head will be a good place for fire starters and a bunch of small glow sticks.

Fits! The fire starters are wrapped in foil.

The handle: I start with a length of paracord so I am able to get everything out fast.

A shower cap for the Shower Cap Solar Still

Paracetamol, Immodium and Israeli water purification tablets.

Tampons for Tampon Water Filter

Glow stick and a BIC lighter.

Two Rolly Toothbrushes and finished!

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  1. Hey, its good practice for making other things.