Monday, May 21, 2018

The Flint Spark Lighter

Running in to the flint spark lighter is inevitable if you work with metals, it is commonly used to ignite an acetylene welding torch (or, like in our house, ignite the gas stove).

It is widely available in building markets and actually has a lot of advantages in regards of fire making over the Ferro(cerium) Rod, which is so popular in survival/hiking circles (even though I prefer to carry a simple BIG lighter...)

You will find that a spark lighter is:

- much cheaper

- easier to use (also with gloves on...ESPECIALLY with gloves on!)

- in general (for me personal) works better in terms of success rate

- can be used one handed

- does not leave this stinking, grey residue on your fingers

....and so on.

( By the way: Over the years I bought most of my knives and outdoor clothing in building markets, carpenters pants and shirts/jackets, because I find them of much higher quality and at a better price/performance ratio than stuff bought in a "tactical" or "survival" store)

Of course practicality is not as marketable as the "tactical factor" so Ferro(cerium) rods will always be associated with survival. 

Anyway, let me show you how well the spark lighter works:

Greatest advantage is obvious: Can be used one handed.

You basically will have trouble finding a building market NOT selling these!

The small Ferrocerium "Flint" which is ground against the steel in the cup. The "flint" is exchangable.

Any questions?

Lubing up a cotton pad....

....letting ol`e sparky work his magic...

...and hey presto! FIRE!

nuff said!

Petro jelly/cotton pads are GREAT fire starters. This is 3 minutes after ignition!

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