Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Nitecore MT40GT

I had a little pocket money left last month and decided to splurge on a flashlight.

More precisely: Something those tactical fanboys drool over online and tell everyone "You should go and buy this!" 

(Do you know the type? The "you should get this-that" type without actually not owning it themselves and just relaying hear-say? I hate those!)

Anyway, felt like an explorer hacking my way through a jungle of information regarding "the worlds best, brightest, coolest, most tactical" torch on the market.

Exhausted, and tipsy from the cheap red I was drinking, I just chose what looked ok to me at first glance:

The Nitecore MT40G.

Here some raw specs:

Max Output 1000 lumens
Max Beam Distance 618 m
Battery 2 × 18650 ,4 × CR123 
Special Modes SOS,Strobe
Beam color White light
Length 221.5 mm / 8.72 in
Head Size 50 mm / 1.96 in
Weight 245 g / 8.64 oz
Had enough of that? Okay, here are some pretty pictures! 

The Nitecore`s lightbeam during fog on the North Sea, visibility 50 m.

It makes a good paper weight, I give you that!

The ring under the torch`es head regulates the output by simply turning it.

A giant, flashlight shaped spaceship landed in Scotland!

Dislike: The torch is using 2 X 18650 batteries. These are not sold in most shops.

Comes with a snazy pouch.

Still foggy..light is ridiculously bright.

My ship`s brightly lit main deck as contrast: Light beam still visible.

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