Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Survivalist`s Must Have: Activated Charcoal

Okay, cards on the table: First time I heard about Activated Charcoal was when I watched "Seven Years In Tibet". The protagonist saved himself from dying of food poisoning (after nicking altar sacrifices) by eating 2-3 pills of that magic stuff.

Happy to find out that Activated Charcoal was one of the few things one could buy over the counter and without limitations I bought it in bulk. (Being a dirt poor student this was a substantial investment and one of my first real "preps").

Anyhow, what is this stuff and what makes it so great?

Activated Coal is processed carbon, mostly (duhu) made out of charcoal, with a extremely large surface/volume ratio because of billions of microscopic pores that absorbs toxins and chemicals.

This makes it a great for treating poisonings (except for instance alcohol poisonings) and diarrhea and/or indigestion.

What other applications are there? Oh, activated charcoal is brilliant for removing chemicals out of polluted water when one needs to make improvised water filters.

For instance: 

The Improvised Water Filter


The Pocket Filter

Further turn on`s: Cheap as dirt, the best before date can basically be ignored!

Activated Charcoal should be in any first aid kit.

Close up of the magic stuff.

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