Friday, November 30, 2018

Kelly Kettle Hack No. 6 - The Still

I don`t know if it is the man flu I am currently having (and that I am mortally bored) but I when I woke up this morning I asked myself:

"Hey, I wonder if one could use the Kelly Kettle to turn seawater to condensation the steam from the boiling seawater and.....just some improvised stuff anyone could make with stuff lying around in the kitchen"

Aaaaaand, turns out: One can. :-)

First wrap tin foil around a smooth stick, about 1 m long.

Compress the tin foil around the stick.

Just make sure that you leave one end lose and open, like a funnel.

Voila, a tube!

Everything set up and ready....

Firing up the old kettle.

Attach the funnel end of the tin foil tube to the spout of the KK before
the water starts to boil: The tube gets hot (!!) FAST.

Bend the other end down in to a metal cup.

Like that.

And here comes the steam!

Which condensates right away in the cup.

I add a piece of tin foil to make it more effective.

And we wait...lets say 40 minutes.

YES! About 200 ml of distilled step: Vodka!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Kelly Ketle Hack No 5 - The Bed Warmer & Hobo Stove in the fire place

As Scandinavian I do enjoy weekends in a freezing cold, claustrophobic "hytta" with no indoor toilet.

Part of the fun is to play board games (with most of the pieces missing, or substituted with parts from other games) watch public service TV on a black & white TV while consuming unholy amounts of pasta & pesto. (because you can`t cook much else with one hot plate)


Anyway, it takes hours to heat a summer (!!!) hut to something just coming close to core temperature.

Before that happens you probably are half dead of exposure and lack of sleep (due to the healthy, "quick hike" of 13 km from the nearest parking space. 

Swedish "Summer"

Any questions? Imagine how comfortable this is during winter time.

Because of that, and because a real "hytta" is warm when you are about to leave it again, I use my Kelly Kettle to heat some water to warm the beds / sleeping bags.

After this I can use all the wood my kids can liberate in a futile attempt to warm that thing.

But, but , but, but....a Kelly Kettle can be used only OUTSIDE!

That is not entirely true and I will endevour to prove you wrong :-)

The good old bed warmer...I wrap tinfoil around it to to prevent soot.

The Hobo Stove fits nicely in the fire place.

Pine cones and twigs is all it takes... get this nice fire.

Taking the plug off the bed warmer, there is 3 L of water in there.

And BAM, boiling hot bed warmer!

Works also pretty well for sleeping bags on those cold autumn evenings :-)

Friday, November 23, 2018

Kell Ketle Hack No.4.1 - Cooking Eggs

In my previous post Kelly Kettle Hack No 4 - Cooking Eggs I demonstrated how to cook an egg with the steam from a Kelly Kettle.

The egg would be held in place by two stick wedged in the right places. This however is not always a reliable method, so I started to use a whisk. Yes, a whisk. You probably have 1-3 in your household.

Check it out: 

So, what can you do with a whisk, an egg and a Kelly Kettle?

Well, first remove the handle from the whisk....

...and put the lotion in the basket...ehr...egg in the whisk.

Put the whisk in the KK`s spout.

If you want your egg boiled FAST....put some tinfoil around the whole thing.

Fire up your KK...

...and let the super heated steam from the KK`s spout work it`s magic.

After 5-6 minutes.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Fire Pot Cooking

When winter comes we crave for food made over open fire: Heavy and hot.

My youngest hinted very diplomatically if it wasn`t about time that daddy (Me) went out and made a fire so we could eat winter food.

Humbled by such eloquent persuasive powers, I went to the garden to make a fire spot with some odd sized bricks we have in the yard.

You can find the recipe for this dish HERE

Nothing like a hearty...and lungy....meal cooked over the open fire.
Notice that the meal is packed in a thick layer of cabbage leaves.
The cabbage adds taste, water and will protect the food from burning.

The whole thing in a better light.

The heavy,  cast iron lid can`t prevent the delicious smell from escaping.

About one hour later...

About 90 minutes later...(the black stuff on the bottom are cabbage leaves)

The downer comes next morning when I have to clean the pot.

But hey....

...I just high pressure clean the Q#$%Q#$&@& out of it! :-)

Sunday, November 18, 2018

The MRF Adventur 2.0 - Axe mod

I always liked the idea of a flat, multi purpose tool that could fit snugly in a wallet..preferably a thin shoulder wallet or neck pouch without bulking the whole assemble up.

Anyway, I got a very nice Baladeo Survival Card that followed me around for a few years: Small enough to forget that I have it with me and functional enough to actually be useful when needed.

So I was blissfully unaware of being equipped for about 90% of all things that never happened...until I seen the "Adventur 2.0" which made me painfully aware of that I was under equipped for the other 10% that will probably never happen. But hey, who knows right?

It took me some weeks before I ordered one, when the Cider level in my system counter balanced the hefty price tag, while my "me-wanty" instinct Blackjack`ed my ration over the head.

A few days later the chunky piece of Ukrainian steel arrived in my mail box and I am in love ever since.

The "Adventur 2.0" has many advertised features, one of them is that the (heavy) survival card can function as axe head.

Something I was more than happy to try out.

(If you are interested in a similar project, check out my Stone Axe )

My new love. Lots of functions, I actually had to look some up..
More to that later.
First step: Making an axe handle.
Constrictor Knot
The Adventur 2.0 is not to small for some effective batoning.

No sign of nicks on the blade. Nice!

In the first go I use a cable tier from my EDC to attach the axe head/survival card

The zip tie keeps the card in place.

And I have a go at it..I am well aware that the card`s
small limits the range a bit. But thicker branches? Not a problem!

I am quite impressed actually....

For all you who scoffed at me using a zip tie: Here I use 60 cm of cord to attach it.

I use a constrictor knot at the start and at the end, they keep everything tighter than any zip tie.


I let the pictures...

...speak for themself.

And the card did not budge...much.
Interested in the best knot in existence? Here you have a short tutorial on the Constrictor Knot