Friday, March 15, 2019

Getting ready for summer: Kite Reel

My lovely better half gave me one of the coolest Christmas gift a man-child like me could ask for:

A kite reel for high altitude kites.

My favorite carrier-kite: It is absolutely huge
and we call it "Evil Igor"

With this I can easily put up, and land, kites from 300-500 m altitude in less of a minute.

This will go perfect with my radar kite ( 3 m wingspan and 15 m length) which can lift heavy loads like my camera rig.

There she is: I already spooled 300 m of line on to her.

It comes with tension control so I can adjust rate of ascent.

Leading rollers and cleets.

Winder with two handles, notice the brake in the center?
That is the tension control!

Heavy duty...

Swivel hook.

Braided kite line, it can take a 60 kg load (ca 120 lbs).
I chose a colorful one so it is easier or airplanes to spot it.

Reel stopper.

Reel stopper again.

Can`t wait, can`t wait!!

Here a video of me with my old kite reel at Aberdeen Beach:

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