Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Kelly Ketle Hack No. 9 - Carbide Punk

I came up with this method during a one-nighter on a German camping site (on our way to Denmark from Poland) where we were not allowed "open fire" according to "ZE REGULATIONS" (!!!)

But gas....gas was fine!

We did not carry any gas cartridges or camping stoves so we had to come up with something.

Hey, did he said gas was fine?

I carried my trusty Carbide Lamp with me and also some carbide.....

So it was fairly easy to turn my Kelly Kettle in to a GAS stove.


Ze regulations were followed and we were able to have a nice cup of tea & coffee before hitting our sleeping bags.

We are actually using the carbide punk method quite a bit right now as we need hot drinks during our house renovation.

Ze mgaic stuff: Carbide

It takes as little as 6-7 nuggets to boil 1 L of water.

Yes, you heard right: These little stones can develop enormous heat. 

Add water and the carbide develops acetylene gas instantaneously. 


Putting the kettle over for a cuppa.

REALLY hot...

7 minutes later.

Have you seen the HEAT SLEEVE I made for my KK?
It lowers boiling time by 1/3 and reduces fuel consumption.

This is what`s left: Carbide Lime can be used for soil stabilization and
acid neutralization of agricultural areas. I like to use it for my compost when the PH is out of whack 

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