Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Kelly Kettle Hack No. 6.1 - The (advanced) stil

In my earlier post Kelly Kettle Hack No. 6 - The Still I managed to distillate clean water from dirty/clean water.

It was a very improvised contraption out of tin foil and I lost a lot of water due to leaks through which the steam escaped.

So, I thought how to improve this method by using things well within the range of what we usually carry on a camping trip.

What we need: Kelly Kettle, a hose and....

...a silicone camping funnel, found in the deepest layer of our gear bag. 


...and heat resistant.

The funnel fits nicely in a hose for our water tank.

I zip tie it to the kettles spout.

The other end of the hose in a cup/pot.

All set.

Firing up old faithful.


A steamy affair.








After 15 minutes! 

`nuff said!

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