Friday, March 22, 2019

Kite Eye 7 - Reaper Reaps

Her client was found.

Her training forbade to compliment her to the impeccable timing but she could not help to let a little satisfied unfold.

The news report mentioned the finders of the body, the garbage men, and the identity of the client which the news caster used obnoxious amounts of time on.

The voice followed her as she went to the kitchenette for another serving of her juice. She was expecting the usual "if any of the listeners have any information regarding..." and expected her description to be passed on.

She mused on that the description would be vague to say the least, she was well aware on how to distract the single minded psyche of men. Probably something alone the lines of: "Young attractive woman, looks good in tight shorts."

She smiled, thoughts like that and humor indicated a softer landing from the peak condition than usual.
" particular a large, white man. Possibly Scandinavian with glasses leaving the area with an oblong, suspicious bag. He is the main suspect of local police and any information regarding the identity or whereabouts of this person.."

She filtered the rest out.


They must mean that lumbering fool with the kite from the beach!

She threw her onto the sofa and drank her juice in one swig.

Whoever that poor bastard was, his life was going to be very interesting...soon!

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