Friday, March 8, 2019

Savage Islands ("Nate and Hays") (1983)

Another great movie from the golden age of adventure films!

Savage Islands is set in the mid-1800`s on the South Pacific islands, then the global focal point for criminals from all over the world, and follows a young priest and his fiance on their way to their parish on one of the islands. 

Off course they travel by ship, not knowing that its captain is one of the most notorious pirates, and arrive at their destination to take over their parish and get married.

The island gets raided by pirates/slavers during the ceremony and the bride gets (duhu!) kidnapped and her husband (thought dead) left behind.

The young priest searches for the pirates, shipwrecks, and is rescued by the ship that brought him to his parish in the first place: Its captain wanting to "steal" the priests bride himself.

Together they find out that the kidnapped parishioners are sold off to German agents who want to bribe a local warlord with heads (literally) to establish a naval base in his kingdom.

The hunt goes on for the parishioners and the damsel in distress, she actually does not need much saving, with all its glorious 80ies cheasieness.

Tommy Lee Jones as a pirate suffering from vertigo is taking some getting used to and is in good company with Michael O`Keefe as the priest and the lovely Jenny Seagrove as "damsel in not-so-much distress".

Worthy to waste a long evening on!

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