Monday, March 11, 2019

Water (1985)

Let me take you to Cascara: British colony and Caribbean island. Its population consists of the descendants of shipwrecked persons, the governor and his wife, two singing revolutionaries and the result of 14 "indiscretions" of the Scottish priest.

Cascara is widely ignored by Downing Street, the media..basically everyone. Except for ships as Cascara is only known for being a navigational hazard. 

This is much to the grief of the pot smoking & growing governor (Michael Caine) who tries to get some money from the tightly closed, British coffers to improve conditions on the island.

He manages to get London attention after sending a very stern letter. But this is not necessarily a good thing as the government has problems justifying to have a colony on an island with no beaches and a dreadful wind (coming from all four sides) that makes a party of Bridge impossible.

The governor receives orders to evacuate and relocate all the islands inhabitants (the British absolutely denying to give the island independence) to other islands.

This however changes rapidly after water is discovered during a commercial shoot at an old drill site.

Not ANY water though: Table water of exquisite quality, with a lemony taste and containing an element that makes you (and I quote) "Shit like a clockwork".

As the water is three times as valuable as oil, Cascara gets a lot of attention from the British government, the French government (fearing competition for their Perrier water ... and sending saboteurs) and.....the Cubans.

The Cubans have usually denied Casacara`s two singing rebels any support, but when Fidel finds out that there is money to be had he opens his hear for the struggle of the oppressed people of Cascara.

Cascara finds itself in the middle of a geopolitical crisis as 4-5 countries are sending their troops to "liberate" the people of Cascara...and the water from the "savage inhabitants".

The Governor sides with the rebel leader (played by the great Yin himself: Billy Connolly) so the people of Cascara can keep the water and drilling rights. 

Well, after he kicked out the Cuban infiltrators that is...

The movie is a treasure: Funny and deep at the same time. With a razor sharp, satirical view on first world countries never ending appetite for other countries resources.

It carries a lot about the mid-eighties naivety when everybody thought the worlds problems could be solved by a song...which in case of this movie: It does! :-) 

Spoiler alert: Ringo Starr, George Harrison and Eric Clapton help the singing rebels to pass their musical message to the UN. AWESOME concert!

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