Thursday, April 11, 2019

BROKÖ mon amour!

As exiled Scandinavian, IKEA almost has status of a semi-embassy for me: Here I can buy sweet, sweet lady licorice and other vital foodstuffs.

But @IKEA unknowingly also contributed to my equipment: The IKEA cooking gear 
and IKEA hobo stove just to name the two prominent cases.

Anyway, we fell over the BROKÖ fire basket during our last prowl and I fell immediately in love with hard that I returned next day to buy two more!

It is basically one big hobo stove and looks like it is built to last a long time.

Its cheap (25 Euro) and weighs...wait..for all your stat fetishist,  here a sum up:

Weight: apprx 7,5 kg

H X W X D: 41 X 41 X 51

I highly recommend this thing!

I immediately put the BROKÖ to good use.....

Still clean & pretty...but I am about to change that!!!

Scandinavian midsommar fantasies in my backyard...

...fueled with potato salad and sausages...grrrrr

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