Sunday, May 19, 2019

Archimedes Son - The Sun Mirror

I found a set of broken headlights the other day and wondered if I could use the reflector to make fire with....turns out: I CAN! :-)

I set fire to a piece of wood after I made a nice, big ember. It took some minutes but definitely works!

I am sure this is useful knowledge..provided you have a set of headlights you can afford to lose and a crowbar/hammer/rock.

PS: The shards of a headlight make excellent will follow.

Enjoy the video :-)

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

It`s a hard knock Search And Rescue Life!

Vocabulary: ERRV = Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel

I had to much coffee and decided that some fresh air would do the trick.
North Sea, February 2017, Beaufort 7-8.
Vessel:  ERRV Grampian Hunter

Me during a FRC  ("Fast Rescue Craft") pacing exercise with the ERRV Esvagt Champion.

PS: "Pacing"is when you maneuver your boat alongside a ship`s side
and keep it still within a small margin to evacuate survivors from the sea or 
to be recovered. Ideally one would be able to come alongside at an angle
where the passing water between FRC and ship "suck"the FRC to ship`s side.

PPS: The ship appears to stand still or at least go very slow, but that is only relative
to my boat`s speed which is well over 20 km/h at this point :-)

My (former) little kingdom on the ERRV Fastnet Sentinel

A kestrel came crashing in the wheelhouse of the 
ERRV Sentinel Ranger in hot pursuit of a smaller bird. It
snatched the bird right at the bridge`s door. But 
then had problems getting out again :-) 

I rest my case...

My lookout tries carefully to get the bag of flying razor blades
to jump on the broom handle. Note the stunned bird under the kestrel 
on top of the phone book.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Flea Market Finds: The Petromax HK 500 Stove Adapter

I picked this up at the local flea market for ca 7 Euro. If this is what I think it is, I robbed the seller blind. These devices were build for the Petromax HK 500 storm lanterns and to be used for cooking with the lanterns excess heat. And they usually cost 40-50 Euro.

I don`t own a Petromax lantern anymore, but I see a good outdoor stove ( Hobo Stove ) when I see one and so I jumped on it.

I guess I am also allowed to be lucky sometimes....

The Petromax Lantern stove used as Hobo Stove

Heavy duty steel, the welds look ok.

It looks pretty sturdy to me.

Large ventilation slits....this should work great!

And it does....

It easily supports a 5 L pot.

After about 10 minutes...

...the moment of truth. Brilliant!!!

I like, not bad for a few Euros!

My old Petromax HK 500 storm lantern. It is from the
German Army Surplus and dated to 1954. I sold it after I got
my Carbide Lamp

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Ocean Videos

I have literally a ton of movie clips and pictures from my life at sea.

I thought it would be a good idea ( I can be wrong though....) to collect them all at one place: This blog.

School of dolphins tagging along 3nm off the coast of Angola.

This is a seal that squatted out at our rescue zone for some days.

No, its not a sombrero dance, seagulls do it to make rain worms come to the surface.

I believe this is a Minke whale visiting me a calm summer morning.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Aerial Photography - Lakolk Beach 2019

During a little pre-Easter holiday I took my family to Lakolk Beach on the island of Rømø to put some kites commune with nature and have quality time with my family.

That I send up a kite or two to make stunning pictures of one of the worlds most beautiful beaches is purely coincidental......

The beach..its calling you...

Picture of base camp 1: Ours it the white car in the middle.

In the background the village of Lakolk.

No, no crop circles: Doughnuts.

Nuff said

Me, myself and I.

The great empty.

Playing with my new toy at Beaufort 6.

I can feel me arms...

For some reason my kids did not share my enthusiasm...

I just loved it...

5 Silk Koi`s: One for every family member.

Just looks awesome...very poetic of me too!


My kids were slightly bored.

My oldest fighting the wind.

"Yay, we are going home!

Monday, May 6, 2019

Wave Porn

In case you wondered what I did Christmas and New Years Eve 2018/2019:

Looking at THIS!

Location:Buzzard Oil Field/North Sea

Beaufort 10