Sunday, May 12, 2019

Flea Market Finds: The Petromax HK 500 Stove Adapter

I picked this up at the local flea market for ca 7 Euro. If this is what I think it is, I robbed the seller blind. These devices were build for the Petromax HK 500 storm lanterns and to be used for cooking with the lanterns excess heat. And they usually cost 40-50 Euro.

I don`t own a Petromax lantern anymore, but I see a good outdoor stove ( Hobo Stove ) when I see one and so I jumped on it.

I guess I am also allowed to be lucky sometimes....

The Petromax Lantern stove used as Hobo Stove

Heavy duty steel, the welds look ok.

It looks pretty sturdy to me.

Large ventilation slits....this should work great!

And it does....

It easily supports a 5 L pot.

After about 10 minutes...

...the moment of truth. Brilliant!!!

I like, not bad for a few Euros!

My old Petromax HK 500 storm lantern. It is from the
German Army Surplus and dated to 1954. I sold it after I got
my Carbide Lamp

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