Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Club - "Stick And Stone Will Break Your Bone"

There can come a time in your life, when you need to pick up a stick to solve a conflict (to your advantage)....
Tie a stone to your stick and the person on the receiving end can not help to get a what we in danish call: "Et indtryk i tilværelsen" ("Getting a profound, life changing experience").

But of course you can also use it to kill smaller animals or to whack branches of a tree (by hitting hard on the base of the branch)
 Here`s how it`s done:

Take a branch and split it, to prevent the branch to split more
than desired you need to tie a cord around the spot you want the split to end.
A constrictor knot is the best for the job!
A fresh branch is best, but you can also pick a not-so-fresh branch a
nd soak it in water for some hours: Same effect.

This should be enough......

See how the crack stops at the Constrictor Knot ?
Take a flat, oblong stone....

...and wedge it between the branches halves.
The stone will cause the branch to split further,
but the constrictor knot puts a stopper to that.

 wrap a length of paracord around the branch from the point where the crack ends and up:
This will prevent further cracks and press the two halves of the branch closer together:
Tighter fit for the stone!

Just  a standard cross lashing.

Figure eight lashing at the end/top...
The stone is secured and it will take some effort to knock it out.
But just in case that happens: I sharpen one end, so the stick I`ll stand with is a pointy one...

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