Thursday, December 8, 2016

Upside Down Tomatoes.

Growing tomatoes upside down is very popular among preppers/survivalists since it allows you to grow a (comparably) large amount of food on minimal spaces.
It only takes very little soil since the roots do not have to support a large and heavy plant. The soil I used on these pictures come out of my composter and is nothing else than kitchen "waste".

I think this is a great method to add to your supplies if or when times get hard.

If you have played the video game "Homefront" you probably have seen upside down tomatoes in most window sills throughout the game
Find a bucket and a circular object, a coin is perfect!
A hot knife is perfect for cutting plastic!
Cut around the coin.

Take a strong tomato seedling and put it in a coffee filter: This will  prevent
damage to the root...and also make the process much easier!

14 days later.

After 3 month.

Time to harvest!


And all that with less than 5 L of soil!

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