Tuesday, August 29, 2017

EDC: Pimp My Matchbox

Small, water proof containers are a godsend for hiking! 

Not only to keep matches dry but also:

- SIM cards

- USB memory sticks

- small batteries

- the last tampon on the planet

- Oregano...the recreational kind!

I like to make small survival kits out of them, like with the awesome little match box from Coghlans!

Awesome because it comes in signal-red and has a small flint striker glued to the bottom for when the matches run out.

I normally use the match box for The Micro Torch or The Hot Glue Match

The mini flint in action: I is small but gives off an impressive spark!

- two micro torches
- tampons for water filtration
- mini glow sticks
- paracetamol
- Loperamid
- small striker for the flint
-striker for the matches

A snug fit!

I use the constrictor knot to keep the lid attached.

And a length of cord tied around the container using  the Fencers Knot

Close up of the flint.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Micro Torch Keyring

So, I am still out at sea and had some cord left from my Survival Monkey Fist -Deluxe project and decided to do something, for a change, productive: A micro torch key ring!

A what?

Ehrm, let me elaborate: A Micro Torch is match on steroids, enhanced with wax to burn brighter, hotter and LONGER. Which makes it perfect as emergency fire starter or as a flickering light source when you explore that Romanian castles dungeons. You which one: The one with the bunch of coffins littering the floor.

Anyhow, I liked the idea of carrying a match like that with me at all times. Preferably connected to some everyday items like....key rings!

First problem was to find a container for the match: It had to small, light and with potential to be made water proof. The solution was to cut of a length of a ball pen and make a key ring out of it.

But see for yourself!

Ta-daaaah! Nice traditional sailors work!

So kids, pay attention! This is a Micro Torch

And this is a Micro Torch snuggly fitted in a ball pen`s casing.

Complete with matchbox striker. The striker turned AWAY from the match...obviously!

Not much room for movement.

Now the key ring: Make the start for a "round platting" (Sailor lingo...AHRR!)

And work your way up using the same knot...again and again!

Nice looking result!

A diamond knot at the end.

Am well pleased with this!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Roper 24 - Qanāt as-Suwais

It was interesting to see how a latino looks like.

"¡Ay, Dios mío! What is this? The Chupacabra?!"

I stretched my legs on my improvised hammock under the narco subs deck head and tried to find another tetra pack with rum somewhere under my knees.

The unearthly moans and grunts climaxed and sounded for a minute like the audio version of a Hieronymus Bosch painting

"Nah amigo, thats just L. giving The Mandrake an epic pounding against the cargo holds bulkhead!"

M. looked bemused up from the dog eared foto novela.

"Amazing how they get on with it, also amazing how they..."

Her smile died like a flower in the desert as a slow, sub marine shattering pounding recommenced.

"Oh this is BULLSHIT! That`s gotta be the fifth time today!"

"Told you it was a bad idea of giving them that Kola nuts to chew on."

"Smart ass!"


Esteban, Master and Commander of the Narco Sub "La Virgen de Guadalupe" closed his eyes and moves his lips like in prayer. The pure man surely had his cross to bear.

"I have a tranq gun somewhere, my men could...."

"Don`t bother..they gotta have to get sore at some point."

"Si, hope dies last. But Senora, we are getting closer to the Bitter Lakes. There your friends...." Esteban shuddered "NOISES will not be drowned out by the ships traffic. The FIL does not look with kind eyes upon smugglers."

"Especially MALE smugglers" M said with a smirk. "I`m sure The Mandrake and I will be on the ok side after we convinced them that you guys are slavers."

"You should not joke with these things...these women, they do terrible things to men!"

"They`ll just need to get some stuff out of their systems I guess."

But it was true. The week long travel between here and Poros, where this proud survivor of the Colombian Navy picked us up close to the ruins of a Russian Naval base, gave us ample time to catch up on recent events over the reestablished SW radio channels: The entire Arabic peninsular was overrun by fanatic hordes by the Islamic Feminist League effectively cock blocking all traffic through the Suez Canal unless the ships are run by woman.

I sipped my rum, things sure went tits up fast , it was less than 4 weeks ago when we ran out of Dubai and away from our captors. God, I miss the internet.

The Mandrake entered the cramped steering house as she pedantic corrected the fit of her vinyl mini skirt. She looked like a cat who lies in a sunny spot.

"We there yet?" she asked as she sat down and grabbed a foto novela.

The subs entire crew starred at her sourly.

L. stuck his head through the hatch.

"Some juice left?"

I threw a tetra pack with Cuban low grade rum at his head. In a rare fit of dexterity he managed to catch it.

"I never seen so much porn in my life! The whole cargo room is full with porn, and after shave...and CK underwear!"

"Si, contraband according to those whore who run this country now! And much more lucrative than mota or coca!"

"You don`t say!" L. said in post coital indifference.

Friday, August 4, 2017

The Survival Monkey Fist - Deluxe Version

I made quite a few of Survival Monkey Fist`s over the last few years. They are basically watertight balls filled with equipment and wrapped in a "Monkey Fist"  knot.

This makes it a very attractive set...so much that I never get to keep the sets I make but "have" to give them away to friends and family, this one is for MYSELF!

"But the Monkey Fist makes it hard to get to the set!" you`d say.

Nope, you can have it out of the knots within 2 minutes, getting back inside again is another story....this also prevents the owner of the set to take pieces out of the set unless it is absolutely necessary

My new favorite container: The Boon Ball

I put 4 tampons for: water filtration and to make a fire inside.
I also add a mini BIC lighter wrapped in 5 m of duct tape

4 paracetamol, good until 2020.

4 Loperamide, to avoid dehydration due to sickness.

I also add a mini fire steel and a Stanley blade.

The blade doubles as knife and scraper for the fire rod.
A strong magnet and a razor as improvised compass

Glow sticks because I can....
3 Rolly Toothbrushes
2 size 4 Fishing Hooks with 5 m line.

2 X 5 LFreezer Bags for SODIS

Now a LEGO frame for the monkey fist
The frame is not necessary, just makes it easier (!!).
You think: "Not bad!" and you are right! :-)