Tuesday, August 29, 2017

EDC: Pimp My Matchbox

Small, water proof containers are a godsend for hiking! 

Not only to keep matches dry but also:

- SIM cards

- USB memory sticks

- small batteries

- the last tampon on the planet

- Oregano...the recreational kind!

I like to make small survival kits out of them, like with the awesome little match box from Coghlans!

Awesome because it comes in signal-red and has a small flint striker glued to the bottom for when the matches run out.

I normally use the match box for The Micro Torch or The Hot Glue Match

The mini flint in action: I is small but gives off an impressive spark!

- two micro torches
- tampons for water filtration
- mini glow sticks
- paracetamol
- Loperamid
- small striker for the flint
-striker for the matches

A snug fit!

I use the constrictor knot to keep the lid attached.

And a length of cord tied around the container using  the Fencers Knot

Close up of the flint.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Micro Torch Keyring

So, I am still out at sea and had some cord left from my Survival Monkey Fist -Deluxe project and decided to do something, for a change, productive: A micro torch key ring!

A what?

Ehrm, let me elaborate: A Micro Torch is match on steroids, enhanced with wax to burn brighter, hotter and LONGER. Which makes it perfect as emergency fire starter or as a flickering light source when you explore that Romanian castles dungeons. You which one: The one with the bunch of coffins littering the floor.

Anyhow, I liked the idea of carrying a match like that with me at all times. Preferably connected to some everyday items like....key rings!

First problem was to find a container for the match: It had to small, light and with potential to be made water proof. The solution was to cut of a length of a ball pen and make a key ring out of it.

But see for yourself!

Ta-daaaah! Nice traditional sailors work!

So kids, pay attention! This is a Micro Torch

And this is a Micro Torch snuggly fitted in a ball pen`s casing.

Complete with matchbox striker. The striker turned AWAY from the match...obviously!

Not much room for movement.

Now the key ring: Make the start for a "round platting" (Sailor lingo...AHRR!)

And work your way up using the same knot...again and again!

Nice looking result!

A diamond knot at the end.

Am well pleased with this!

Friday, August 4, 2017

The Survival Monkey Fist - Deluxe Version

I made quite a few of Survival Monkey Fist`s over the last few years. They are basically watertight balls filled with equipment and wrapped in a "Monkey Fist"  knot.

This makes it a very attractive set...so much that I never get to keep the sets I make but "have" to give them away to friends and family, this one is for MYSELF!

"But the Monkey Fist makes it hard to get to the set!" you`d say.

Nope, you can have it out of the knots within 2 minutes, getting back inside again is another story....this also prevents the owner of the set to take pieces out of the set unless it is absolutely necessary

My new favorite container: The Boon Ball

I put 4 tampons for: water filtration and to make a fire inside.
I also add a mini BIC lighter wrapped in 5 m of duct tape

4 paracetamol, good until 2020.

4 Loperamide, to avoid dehydration due to sickness.

I also add a mini fire steel and a Stanley blade.

The blade doubles as knife and scraper for the fire rod.
A strong magnet and a razor as improvised compass

Glow sticks because I can....
3 Rolly Toothbrushes
2 size 4 Fishing Hooks with 5 m line.

2 X 5 LFreezer Bags for SODIS

Now a LEGO frame for the monkey fist
The frame is not necessary, just makes it easier (!!).
You think: "Not bad!" and you are right! :-)