Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Lansky Firefighters Battle Axe

Working with Search And Rescue provides me the excuse to splurge on equipment I so desperately "need" (!!!) . In this case the Lanksy Firefighters Battle Axe.

It was love at first sight and am sure it will last forever....or to the next think I fall in love with!

L= ca 39 cm

Weight: Ca 800 g

Material: 1075 Tool Steel

Price: Love can not be measured in money....

The Lansky Firefighters Battle Axe

The Battle Axe comes with a heavy duty pry bar and impact tool.

The blade is heavy duty and really sharp.

A"fuzzy" non conducting (insulated up to 10 K Volt) handle gives extra grip and safety, even with oil slick gloves.

No, that cross is not for decoration but serves as a gas valve wrench.

Nice, heavy sheath...

Aaaand the belt loop points toward the right direction...

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Roper 31 - The Drug Hounds 2

L. patted an energetic Labrador on the head. The dog sniffled at his worn out Salomon boots and smelled "loser" before it ran off with a last "good-doogy-smile-for-you-saves-yer-day" yelp. The other dogs seemingly took it as a signal and even the large, black shepherd dog with the "I KNOW you are up to no good!" squint in his eyes ran off.

The dog handlers kept starring though, standing around in little groups. Chatting.

"..but he clearly ran into my stick, I swear..."

"..fucking lefties calling anyone a nazi..."

"...BRUTALITY...can you BELIEVE that shit..."

"..if its brown it goes down as I say..."

 "Who are THOSE clowns?!" 

I felt a thousand needles in my back as we left the area, fast as a glacier and inconspicious as one too.

After a turn we were out of sight and started to run as fast as one could with a bunch of tender, and potentially bliss giving plants strapped to ones back.

We stopped when we could see the deep blue waters of Svendborg Sund between the trees, glistening with promising glitters of summer sun.

(I don`t know if I am on the spectrum, but summer sun does something to me.)

A nearby bench waved inviting at us and we sat down with legs shacking in protest after the unusual exercise



"Roll one!"

"Way ahead of you" he said as he rolled some bud into some transparent cellulose stripes.

I wiped my forehead.

"Well, good to know that we still are in adequate shape to outrun some coppers! How far you think we got?"

L. nodded towards where we came from. I could clearly hear happy dogs barking and an announcement of this years drug-bust-champion.

"Not very far" he said as he put the finishing touch on his little master piece and lit it.

"Shit, should we do it here then?!"

"Easy my good man, we are down wind of them."

"Spare me your fake sailor lingo!"

He held the doobie towards me.

"You sure?"

Of course I wasn`t and took it. Some tight bottomed girls on roller blades went past us, accelerating as they got the same scent as the dogs: "Loser".



"I mean..."

"Yeah I know..."

Silence as we passed the doobie back and forth watching over the sea. I always loved the thought that the water connected me with the rest of the world. That in theory I could just swim or take a rubber boat and just float and go just...EVERYWHERE. 

L. got a coughing fit but heroically managed to pass me the icky before he bent over and really had a go at it.

He came up again holding an expensive looking wallet between his fingers.

"Mazeltov! It is a boy!"

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Fun Loving Criminals - "100% Columbian" (1998)

This CD is so smooth, you can probably use it as bread spread:

After their initial success with "Come Find Yourself" , which was a bit more punk and hip hop influenced, "100% Columbian" sounds like Barry White stood behind the band with a knobby stick during the recordings.

The records theme is overly melancholic, as if some elder mobster tells tales of old over a glass of 50 year old Chivas

In fact: This record is so schmoove that it, in connection with my cooking and rugged good looks, made girls panties drop so hard that they nicked the hardwood floor.

Favorite songs ? All of them...but in particular:

"Love Unlimited"

"Big Night Out"


and the soul destroying: "We are all very worried about you"

Monday, March 5, 2018

The Survival Pill Box

Remember the EDC Container I tested?

I finally took myself together and put some useful stuff in it.......

The wire lock comes from a frequent flyer luggage tag.
It is very sturdy, thank you Lufthansa, so I thought: Why not.

I bought two of these container, 8 $ including shipping was hard to resist.

Gathering the goodies...

Taharmayim water purification tablets. In my humble opinion the best there are.

A mini BIC with a little "safety".

Two 500mg paracetamol and 4 Loperamid: Against hangover and the side effects of Indian food.

I really like those Mini Glowsticks

All packed and good to go...

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Crisis Food - Viking Cabbage

This dish is called  "Brunkål med Flæsk" (Sugar browned Cabbage with Bacon) in Denmark and allegedly originates from our globalist forefathers who took their rape/pillage franchise everywhere.

The recipe is simple: Caramelize some sugar and stir cabbage into it, add bacon and let it simmer for some hours. It is one of the dishes that work perfectly together with the Haybox.

During these hours the cabbage will enter an unholy union with the sugar and bacon and will give off a smell that will put your house into the center of attention.

Sweet, heavy and fat. What`s not to like??

Melt some butter, 10 g should be enough.

Add one small cup of white sugar.

Let the sugar melt in the butter as you stir.

Until you have caramel.

Add the cabbage and stir until everything is covered in caramel.

Add bacon: Cubes, slices...does not matter

Let it simmer on medium heat until most of the moisture is gone.
You do not have to add water: There is plenty of water from the cabbage.


Serve on warm rye.

Oh baby....

Together with mustard and beer this dish will satisfy the palate of any Nordic god.