Saturday, July 28, 2018

Uncovered (1994)

Even though this movie has near to none action scenes: This is is one of the best adventure films ever made.

Based on the novel "The Flanders Panel" (A book I yet have to read..) by Arturo Pérez-Reverte and set in the Barcelona of the early nineties it follows the exploits of Julia (played by the very, very cute Kate Beckindale),  a young but renowned conservator.

She uncovers a painted over message ""Qvis Necavit Eqvitem" ("Who killed the knight") on a Flamish masterpiece called "The Chess Game".

She realizes that she needs to solve/win the chess game on the painting in order to solve the riddle of a murdered knight. She looks for help among the chess playing bohemians in Park Güel and meets a homeless chess genius / knife virtuoso. 

Her new sidekicks skills are needed to solve the puzzle but also to fend off kidnappers and murderers: Nearly everyone else involved solving the riddle dies, including her friend and father-figure Cesar.

Awesome but overlooked film that lives on dialogue and the suspense of the mystery slowly unravels. 

And no: 20 year old Kate Beckinsale is not hard on the eyes at ALL!:-P

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Roper 34 - Strassbourg

 M. opened her copy of her German newspaper ("Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung") as our plates disappeared back in the little street cafe we had our lunch in

She started to read out loud as she fingered the near-invisible loop of fishing line around her neck.

The other end of the line was attached to the barrel of the Obrez rifle I had in a sports bag on my lap. If she`d move more than a meter away the line would tighten and automatically hone in on her muscular neck.

She never managed to get her hands on it again after the shootout at the house, but seemed totally unaffected by the outlook of a Russian Dum Dum bullet taking her head off.

Even now she was able to make me feel outnumbered, outwitted and outgunned. We REALLY had to get rid of her.

".....also known as the Summer Of Umbrellas as biker groups all over Europe, in an unprecedented cooperation across the rigid territories usually enforced with surrealistic bouts of violence, are on the lookout for Danish nationals. The fact that the two fugitives are Danes is so far the only thing eyewitnesses can agree on, but even that is disputed. The extraordinary manhunt performed by the "motor cycle enthusiasts" has been dubbed "The Summer Of Umbrellas" as the bikers are easily recognized by sporting an open umbrella as precaution against attacks with a snare, lasso or other form of ensnaring weapon. Former General (AD) G. Mueller said the same tactic has been used by the legendary Polish Husars as they attached wings to their armor to prevent being lassoed and thrown of their horses by Tatar warriors...."

She smiled at L. sourly: "Look at YOU, bringing ancient tactics back into style!"

L. smiled shyly as he opened the last of 3 disposable cameras which he connected to a thin & long copper wire that ran all the way along the length of his lasso. He taped it together with the other two at the end and appeared pretty satisfied.

"I`m pretty impressed by your German skills." L. said.

"Well THANK you" M. beamed and reached over to touch his hand.

A discrete tug at the fishing line stopped that and she turned her 500 Watt smile towards me instead.

"You know sugar, I`m all in for leashing but usually...."

"Keep reading!"

".....bum bum bum....oh here, that`s also interesting: The police in neither Denmark and Germany have found no ground in issuing  an arrest warrant as (quote Chief of Police, Copenhagen) "Throwing a piece of clothesline at a person does not qualify as dangerous attacks and agricultural remedies for the control of livestock are not on the list of dangerous or illegal weapons"

Even I had to chuckle here.

M. read on.

"Oh L. you bad boy....listen to this: The administrator of the social media sites covering the exploits of the two alleged fugitives, said in an interview that the sites have gained between 1-2 million followers in a week. There the identity of the two persons are discussed and their route through Europe tracked meticulously. On answering the question why the person known as "The Roper"especially has his followers/fans among the demographic of  females in bondage and disciplining circles she answered; "It was neither house invasion or kidnapping, he could not have been any more courteous!!".......Gee, L. you really need to cultivate that one: She does look hot!"

I stared at M.

"Literally millions of people are looking out for us?!"

M. turned the page of the paper toward me where two facial composite drawings of...Beavis and Butthead??

"I don`t think there is a chance for anyone to mistake you with the guys on the pictures here" she grinned "hehehehehehehe".

I tugged the fishing line, harder this time.


L. sniggered and pressed a button on one of the cameras taped to his lasso. A high pitched whining sound grew louder.

"What the hell..." I asked

"Nothing to worry about, just a wee update!"

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The Canteen Survival Kit

I am really happy about my new Stanley Canteen and I probably never go back to plastic or aluminum canteens.

After the first couple of uses I cleaned it for storage and thought : "Hm, such a waste for it lay dormant for so long time. I wonder what I can use it for in the meantime."

So I decided to fill it with survival goodness and have it lying in the car or in my luggage during travels.

My new best friend...

One liter of volume and a widemouthed opening are just begging for equipment.

I start with a large drawstring backpack: For loot and just in case I have to take the goodies out of the canteen.

Thank you Swedish-Furniture-Company for producing those.

Goes easy in and out.

Some of the usual suspects: A handful of Rolly toothbrushes

6 x 500 mg paracetamol.

Whistle...for a merry tune in a dire situation.

My fav brand of water purification tablets. Approved by the IDF ( I think...)

Also an Otzen-classic: Tampons for Water filtration

The good old BIC lighter with a cable tier to prevent unintended discharge.

Band Aids for boo-boo`s.

Medium sized glow sticks. (Bought at TESCO`s sporting department, they are quite good)

A whole bunch of mini glow sticks..because I can!

Small (but good!), intrinsically safe, flashlight.

15 m of 3 mm cord.

Aaand we are running out of space.