Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Aerial Photography: Tunesia

I shot these pictures with a disposable camera rigged to a old box kite.  I lost it  somewhere over the North Sea later on, it will be missed.....

Friday, October 19, 2018

Aerial Photography: Aberdeen Beach

Two month ago I went to Aberdeen for crew change on my vessel. Just landed I got a message from the office saying that crew change will be delayed 36 hours.

What to do?

I COULD have stayed in my fancy hotel room and watching cartoons...but I chose not to: With me I had a very large, but compact, box kite and decided to use the occasion to put it up at Aberdeen beach.

One of my favorite kites in my collection: A giant, cheap box kite from China.

I made an improvised camera rig out of a piece of aluminum pipe I found on the beach (and some duct tape) and put up my No-Pro camera with fish eye lens. Here is the result:

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Monkey Fist of Saladyn

It was a lost race and she knew it.

In the village  she could outrun every boy and girl, even the guild apprentices and acolytes and they were almost 17.

But this, this was hopeless.

The Gnashers were gaining on her, she couldn't hear them  but she KNEW they were closing in.  

Once driven to blood frenzy they would never let go of again and chase until their hearts burst.

Her tears could not be stopped as she felt the cramps returning, forcing her to slow down.

As her pace got slower she was unable to maintain it and ended up standing still, her breathing and heartbeat being her whole universe.

Just standing, slightly bent over with hands on her hips she dared to open her eyes and get her bearings.

No Gnashers yet but she could start to hear them: Twigs and branches breaking where the silent runners kept on her trail.

She was to tired to be afraid, just a deep sadness came over her. Dying so far away from everyone she ever knew and loved seemed worse than everything else. She wished she had not ran and stayed to die along with the others when the trek to the neighbor village was ran down by the monsters.

The sight of the house filled her with horror as she got aware of her surroundings. The forbidden place! The Make Sicke place! The elders said that a rest of the old ones death lights where still alive in that building that was not made of brick, wood or straw.

She took a step backward and turned, just to see 5 Gnashers standing in a line behind her. Their chests not even heaving from the run,  their eyes rolling back under their white lids as is their way shortly before biting. They stood still and widemouthed, exposing rows of sharp teeth, and did not move a muscle under that rough, gray skin.

They weren't coming any closer. Could it be that the monsters knew about the death light? The thught of the death lights made her take a step away from the structure and closer to the Gnashers. Finally making them move towards her.

Acting on impulse she turned on the heel of the ancient mechanic boots, which were several sizes to big for her, and ran straight towards the structure containing the ancient horror the elders only spoke in low voices: From when man broke the law of nature and brought monsters like the Gnashers to life.

She flew in to the broad doorway and let herself fall into a dark corner. She could see the Gnashers trying to follow her on instinct, but they seemed to be unable to cross an invisible line.

She noticed a narrow staircase, unlike any she ever seen before, leading up. She climbed the stairs and found herself in a dim room, only illuminated by that sparse light coming in from narrow horizontal slits in the buildings 4 sides..

The slits were high up for a post-fall 14 year old, but she managed to gain purchase with her feet and chin herself up just enough to get a good view of the surroundings.

The Gnashers were still out there, trailing that invisible line that kept them from coming closer. She noticed metal posts dotting that same line.

She let herself but lost footing and fell.

Her fall was softened by something that felt like a bundle of rotten twigs that gave away under hear with sad, low cracks.

She turned around to stare directly into the grinning face of a bearded skull.

Around it`s neck something glowed sickeningly green.

Death lights!

Survival Monkeys Fist done with glow-in-the-dark rope.

She scrambled away from the corpse as fast as she could, filled with ancient terror.

Her back pushed so hard against the opposite wall as if she tried to push herself through it she starred at the corpse.

She noticed that the death light did not engulf the entire body but just something around its neck.

After a minute she crawled closer to see what the glowing object was.

It was ball shaped and appeared to be a long line wrapped around something heavy inside. 

There were plants growing close, so the glow could not have been death lights.

She looked at the skulls eyes and prayed for forgiveness as she yanked the glowing object, its lanyard cut jerked the skull from the rest of its body and fell into several pieces with a dull sound.....


So, I made this Survival Monkey Fist for post-apocalypse connoisseur SALADYN and thought the right intro to this project would be a short story. 

I kind of lost control....

Okay, so I wanted to make a nifty Survival Monkey Fist for Mr. Saladyn, but since he is a Gentleman with a certain taste I hoped to be able to bring a "post apo" feel to it by using glowing rope.

This time I use a flexible ball to prevent shattering, the plastic ball
can be used for storage/transport of foraged food.
What goes inside....let`s start with a BIC lighter.
That`s always an asset!

And tampons! Tampons are always good!
For instance for:

Tampon Water Filter

The Pocket Filter

You`ll need a knife to survive in the post-apo wastelands. A high end box cutter blade
makes a good emergency knife.

Adding some band aid`s and some fire starter (waterproofed) 

These will give him the energy he needs to run away from mutants....
Or cure a hangover....

Mini glow sticks.

Industrial grade Sodium Hypochlorite  to purify 50 L of water.
(The Arabic is a coincidence, it was part of a pack!)

Paracetamol and Imodium...beceause: Duhu....

Shower cap to make a Shower Cap Solar Still

Activated Charcoal to cure tummy aches/poisonings and
to make Water Filters

All packed and good to go!

3 hours later.....I found the cord in a camping outlet.
Can be lucky sometimes!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

The Pocket Filter

I don`t think any of my readers are in doubt that I think that tampons and activated charcoal are some of the coolest / most versatile stuff a survivalist can stock up on.

As I went over board with praises regarding activated charcoal in my last post I thought I show one of the practical applications of activated charcoal...and tampons: The pocket filter.

Used in a water filter, Activated Charcoal removes most toxins running through it. If that magic black stuff is not at hand: Use charcoal from a fire like I showed in the Improvised Water Filter will also do the trick.

Used in combination with the awesome filtration abilities of tampons (check out my article about the Tampon Water Filter ) the activated charcoal that your water is free of chemicals/toxins.

Cut a length of hose ( I like to carry 20-30 cm of hose with me on hikes, occasionally for beer bongs).
How do you like my new folding knife by the way?
Put a nail across the opening to prevent the tampon falling out.
Like this. Now take your last clean water (or saliva) and make the tampon wet.
A few drops are enough!

Voila, the tampon swells up and seals the opening.

Now to the messy bit: Adding charcoal. I carry mine in pill form.

You`ll get an extra bonus if you can prevent to spill like I do...

Don`t save on the charcoal: This filter will last for at least 50 liters.

Add a second tampon, this will serve as a pre filter and it`s ok if it gets dirty. 

Take some pond water (or from anywhere!)....

...and pour it slowly...

...through your filter.

It takes some time as water passes very slowly through the tampons.

But eventually...

...you`ll have clean water!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Survivalist`s Must Have: Activated Charcoal

Okay, cards on the table: First time I heard about Activated Charcoal was when I watched "Seven Years In Tibet". The protagonist saved himself from dying of food poisoning (after nicking altar sacrifices) by eating 2-3 pills of that magic stuff.

Happy to find out that Activated Charcoal was one of the few things one could buy over the counter and without limitations I bought it in bulk. (Being a dirt poor student this was a substantial investment and one of my first real "preps").

Anyhow, what is this stuff and what makes it so great?

Activated Coal is processed carbon, mostly (duhu) made out of charcoal, with a extremely large surface/volume ratio because of billions of microscopic pores that absorbs toxins and chemicals.

This makes it a great for treating poisonings (except for instance alcohol poisonings) and diarrhea and/or indigestion.

What other applications are there? Oh, activated charcoal is brilliant for removing chemicals out of polluted water when one needs to make improvised water filters.

For instance: 

The Improvised Water Filter


The Pocket Filter

Further turn on`s: Cheap as dirt, the best before date can basically be ignored!

Activated Charcoal should be in any first aid kit.

Close up of the magic stuff.